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Data security is as important as acquiring the data itself. Several means of data storage are available, but none guarantees decentralization and operability as well as total security.
The data leak on Facebook that was discovered recently is a perfect example. the private information of some people were not so private anymore.
How about saving and backing up your data, thinking it is safe, only for the whole system to crash? Sad as it may be, it seems as though we have no option but to trust on our present means of data storage, and cross our fingers, hoping nothing happens to them… I mean, that’s the whole idea in the first place, to ensure our data is safe, ensuring that we can always go back to retrieve them whenever we decide to.
How about I tell you that there is actually a solution to all these?
Drum roll…
I introduce to you, IAGON.
IAGON is an Open Source platform for harnessing the storage capacities and processing power of multiple computers over a decentralized Blockchain grid, Developing a one-stop solution for decentralized cloud based services.

IAGONwill take advantage of unused computing power as well as storage space to create a super-computer The size of the cloud services market providing both storage capacities and computational processing capabilities to corporates is estimated at $45 billion per annum, and it is still growing. Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are the two major trend in demand today, when it comes to data storage. Big Data is the collection, management and storage of vast amounts of information obtained from any internal of external sources (such as the company’s IT systems, social networks, sensors and so on). Artificial Intelligence finds patterns, learns from data and predicts future behaviours. IAGON’s major aim is to revolutionize the cloud and web services market by offering a decentralized grid of storage and processing. By joining the unused storage capacity in servers and personal computers and their processing power, we can create a super computer and super data center that can compete with any of the current cloud computing moguls.
IAGON aims at providing companies and individuals storage and processing services at a fraction of the market prices and at a better security level by connecting data centers, business computers and personal users and utilizing their free storage capacities and their CPU and GPU processors during idle times. In doing so, IAGON overcomes the entry barriers imposed by the high level of investments required to compete in this market.


Cloud data storage is based on the delivery of files from local computers and servers into the remote servers and storage facilities that are obscure to the user, but can be accessed and managed at any time. Thereby, the reliability of cloud storage services and the privacy of users (i.e. protecting the files from being accessed by any party other than their owner) are paramount to subscribing to and implementing any cloud services. Faults associated with technical performance of the cloud emerge from its servers, from retrieval systems, and from clients. Crash faults for example occurs when files uploaded are not accessible. When data and files are managed through a centralized data centers a crash fault that terminates the access of users to their stored files, can cause the termination of operations of companies, organizations and individuals as long as the outage persists.
The Blockchain technology provides a unique and fully secure solution towards processing, storing and distributing data and maintaining their consistency and integrity that can be used for use cases like decentralized processing, and IAGON plans on taking full advantage of this, ensuring that the security of our files is held in utmost priority.
IAGON provides;

  1. Secured storage
  2. Clustered or decentralized networks
  3. Distribute data processing load across its network of data miners for data analytics
  4. Provide a secure solution for creating smart contracts over the Blockchain
  5. Serve to identifyhttps://twitter.com/eghe0921/status/1021554485217427456?s=19 honest and attacking nodes within a system
  6. Multiple blockchain support
  7. Secure Lake Technology.

IAGON’s Secure Lake is based on the Blockchain unbreakable encryption technology, storage of small, anonymous and strongly encrypted slices of the original files, ensures the complete protection of data files, other types of files (such as photos and videos) and databases of any size and ensures the rapid retrieval, update of any stored file and also ensures that even in a breach, the data and files cannot be accessed. The user is the only one with access to these files via a key generated.

The architecture of IAGON ’s Open Source platform can be broken down into three unique sections.
The sections are the machine learning algorithm , the Blockchain and miners , and the encryption/decryption protocol . When a request is sent to IAGON, the machine learning algorithm sends blocks of data over to the miners to process and find for matching signatures. These blocks of data are then sent back to be validated over the blockchain along with an output which the machine learning algorithm will use to identify a node. It will be impossible to identify a node without processing the data in multiple blocks and to identify a correlation thus this provides a level of anonymity and privacy to the users utilizing IAGON’s platform.

‘’The encryption and decryption protocol allows for secure storage of data within any external or internal platforms. This provides a unique approach towards decentralization as any external platform with an API can simply be integrated to IAGON’s platform to utilize its services. What makes IAGON unique is the fact that IAGON is able to integrate seamlessly with current database architecture including SQL, NoSQL, Big data databases, private Blockchain, hyperledger, or any public Blockchain or decentralized network.’’

Data mining on IAGON ’s platform does not have the need to perform complex algorithm to solve an equation. Instead, IAGON uses the decentralized computing network to distribute load and increase speed for mundane data processing tasks .
Block tasks are distributed to miners using the proof of variance method. The miner receives rewards based on the number of data points it mines, and if no data is found within the block the miner does not receive any reward.

With IAGON, saving up and retrieving data becomes easy for individuals and businesses. . Using machine learning algorithms and encryption/decryption protocols, IAGON is able to provide a secure method in storing data across platforms.
The technology domain of AI based innovations that require large capacities of processing power (mostly supplied by batteries of servers with large amount of CPUs and GPUs ) include face recognition , video processing , voice analysis , text analysis, pattern recognition in Big Data databases and digital document repositories , autonomous cars, IoT based decision support systems and many more. AI technologies and applications are expected to exponentially grow over the next years , thereby increasing the demand for processing power to support both research and their day-to-day
IAGON’s Smart Computing Grid does the following;

  1. It connects multiple producers to customers
  2. Smart Computing Grid fulfils the demand for the necessary resource
  3. It transfers unused resources to customers in need (CPU and GPU processing power and storage space)
  4. It benefits the miners providing processing power and storage space to the grid without requiring efforts when their servers and computers are not used by them.

The Smart Computing Grid is based on advanced Artificial Intelligence components that include more than 100 Machine Learning algorithms , methods and techniques that integrate to form our AI-Tracker system. AI-Tracker is the “brain ” behind IAGON’s Smart Computing Grid . It optimally allocates encrypted file slices to the miners ’ free storage spaces and computational tasks to the miners ’ free (idle) CPUs and GPUs that compose the Smart Computing Grid.

In conclusion, IAGON will revolutionize the cloud storage will ensuring easy access, and also making tokens available as rewards.
Saving files and data has never been so easy and secured.
Most of my materials and resource were gotten from the IAGON whitepaper
This is an original works contest
Twitter link:https://twitter.com/eghe0921/status/1021554485217427456?s=19




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