Kryptonia-make and complete tasks for superiorcoin!

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On kryptonia you can get rewards for completing tasks created by users of the platform, for which you will be rewarded in superior coin.

The amount you get depends of the amount that the creator of the task sets. You can also set up tasks like resteeming and upvoting steemit posts yourself on the site.

The site still is in development though and the market loads slowly, but I think that this site has great potential !

Link for the site

I think that this is an amazing platform and just wanted to share it with everyone.


Great Post. Works like a charm to get task done for you. SuperiorCoin is all you need to run massive amount of task.

I signed up yesterday. It's a good promotion tool. Free coins are always good too. ;-).

Really? Never been to Finland myself, must be hella cold there, right? Also, thanks for the daily faucets :D!

Make sure you follow the Task creators instructions or you may get Revoked and lose the coins.

Check this post about how to use Kryptonia

The site is under constructions but improving all the time and will move to faster servers as we get more people visiting :)

They also have a steemit account @kryptonia, be sure to follow them!

Tried it and works good

hopefully we will see the value increase soon

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