The First Crypto-Poetic Piece For the Greatest Ape Community On Solana Blockchain

in #crypto3 years ago


It was just like yesterday when I found myself in the Greatest community of the Apes

At first, It looks more like a coincidence as it was like a mistake

Alot of unanswered questions running through my mind on this auspicious day

With time, It dawned on me like a Rise Of The Planet of Apes

I began to get some clear answers to reshape my quizzed face

Now, it started making sense as I took out to eat some Grape

What is this feeling aping in my mind and face?
I guess it's like that of an OG Ape

Will your love for Grape give you some $GRAPE?
Will your love for Ape make you an OG Ape?

Come to think of it, Great Ape is the greatest Ape Community powered by the Solana Blockchain.

It's a community looking to build out and maintain censorship resistant communities on the Solana Blockchain.

The basis of community engagement and value generation for the Great Ape Ecosystem is its unique native token minted on the Blockchain.

A quick Grape for dinner as I tell you the native token of the Great Ape is the $GRAPE.

Show that you love the Apes and be blessed with an OG Ape

Share the tips to get some Grape and be rewarded with some $GRAPE

Play some fun-filled Ape game and win the tournament to be an OG Ape

Don't Forget, it's the Rise of The Apes

But this time, It proves to be the greatest on the Solana Blockchain

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