Almost everything I hear about Bitcoin on mainstream news is nonsense, but this guy takes it to another level.

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This CNBC clip was making the rounds, and I just couldn't help but make a video breaking down the absurdity.


Bitcoin was created by satoshi and he is from Japan

That was a moment, when I didn't make it to the toilet. It is quite far from my basement. Need to go upstairs first :)
But it was fun. Went straight to the shower.

"Now that American has seen the dark side of crypto..." ?? Wtf kind of prescription meds is that woman on??

The loud guy with the pink tie lives in his own universe.

Nice vid bro. Yea those guys are a bunch of clowns who claim to be "experts." But in the end...I agree, Buy Bitcoin! Nice sales going on right now.

Oh wow, didn't know you were on Steemit!

Been subscribed to your channel for some time now and even asked you there in the comments if you had an account here. :D Nice!

If you are not on Steemit you are not living!

True dat! 🐳

Same, I just started myself and it kind of is fun to reply to these things and basically have a chat group dedicated to whatever genre you want to talk about.

Haha yeah. I just saw this too. He puts out some funny stuff

You see his BitConnect video, well the both of them now?

Doug, its cool when you talk about coins you like, BUT, you are absolutely amazing at calling out these piece of crap scammers and bulls*^t artists. Keep informing us on these losers! I look forward to hearing your information everyday.

This guy is such an idiot lol

Did I miss something.. Amazon went to $1000 then to $1 then back to $1000..

Back when the Dot Com bubble crashed 2000

If that really happened, it sucks that I missed out on that legendary dip opportunity. 😥

You're thinking Yahoo. Dropped to $36, the approximate true value at the time. :D

I can't even watch these fake smile, hands waving all over the place, "everything is dramatic" weirdos on the news for 5 seconds anymore. So much cringe.

Yeah, the fact that a quite significant percentage of the population actually watch these "experts" and absorb the ideas that they project on TV is mind numbing.

Hence the reason why I cut the cord over 10 years ago!

Don't forget about his spray on orange tan too!


Lol, triangles are the best!

How much you want to bet, this idiot stock market guy went home, read the comments that are calling him an idiot, and now he is investing in Cryptocurrency while he washing his clothes with tears because he wished he had invested a long time ago!! LMAO

Nice video. Kind of funny how they sorely lack understanding of what they are discussing.

the only objective is to create fear among the minds of investors so that they sell in panic and they can buy cheap

For some strange reason this was my exact thoughts. Robbery with no weapon.

It breaks my mind to listen to idiots talking about crypto, and how it will surely fail, in the same breath as they admit (or show) they know nothing about crypto.

What really frustrates me is that people like this have "credibility", not in my opinion, but according to the masses.

Yea it gives the whole market a bad rep. It bothers me as well to see the haters act so silly towards this technology that one day will take over mainstream as it is already happening now. I feel your pain brother

You said it. One day this video is gonna be like that meme news segment where the anchors are all gathered round asking each other "what is the internet". A laughable degree of ignorance.

haha yep! I was going to say the same thing!

I didn't know you were on Steemit buddy, ya best announce that shit in one of your awesome videos next dude! 🐳

That’s hilarious 😂

Yeah Doug! Great to have you here on Steemit - your videos are definitely one of the best on YT. Hope you keep on video making.

that's why we have dtube

Lol, this is pure comedy!

They’re stupid. Do yourself a favor and stop watching them. If anything, imho the best thing to do is to stop getting news all together if you have an investment you believe in. My best earnings happened when I was away from all media.

CNBC was creating fud when trump got elected and when the fed started raising rates, they were fudding about the bond market. They’re so stupid if you listen to them you will lose so much money. Just turn them off.

Very informative and entertaining video about bitcoin on the TV Media Channels @dougphlkcrypto. Thank you for funny video.

I also saw many examples of uneducated people talking about Bitcoin on the TV, when they have absolutely no idea what it is, how it works, and for which purposes it has been made. Bad side of this is that almost all the time this information is very negative and information is very misleading for people who want to find more information about Bitcoin.

This was great brother. I enjoyed being reminded of the 80% dip back in 13'. This does show that we've been here before and will be again in the future no doubt. Most of Lamestream news has no idea what they're talking about with anything much less CrYpTo'S . All they really know is what's scripted for them to announce and spin. "Dude seriously?"

Collusion, wall street is paying the news stations to instill fear in the masses to short btc so they can buy cheap. Win win. - every btc conspiracy theorist ever @dougpolkcrypto

Just wrote about this, and I totally agree with you mate.

Okay, I understand that everybody has their own opinion. But this is too much, cryptocurrencies went viral just recently and now all of a sudden everybody is an "expert" and everybody is just rubbing their opinions in your face, trying to make it seem as a fact and wanting you to believe in EVERYTHING they say. My honest opinion is, of course it's unsure what will happen with cryptos, but if you look at the past how the world has evolved I honestly think cryptocurrencies are the future. There will always be people who don't like change and who wouldn't believe in these things, but you can't deny changes are bound to happen, including every aspect of your daily life is also bound to change.

All of these talking head types said the same thing about internet companies after 2000, and look at the ones that made it now... I bet they feel pretty stupid.

Well people just don't like change that's the problem, another thing is people CANT accept things that they dont understand, I remember what I thought of crypto before I got into it, "Oh its a waste of time, and everybody will lose their money" once I started reading and learning, that's when I got the clear picture.

It took me awhile as well, and I clearly remember making fun of people who were buying Bitcoin at 800 something dollars, but then I started learning... and my eyes were forever opened to the wonders of cryptocurrency.

P2P networks are the future - enough said.

It amazes me how ignorant Rich Ross is. Why dont they do proper research and check facts before trash talking something they obviously dont understand. When the markets mature and crypto currency proves itself in the long run Rich Ross will be smacking himself in the face.

Yes he will be, along with a lot of other folks as well.

Because there won't be views without sensationalist "contrarian" claims. CNBC is all about that.

This guys is one of the most clueless so called bitcoin experts. He was so proud of himself as well. I hope he realizes how stupid he looks now, but 99.9% of CNBC listeners don't know the difference.

They were never going to accept the truth anyway, so fuck em I guess.

That asshat isn't even a "Cryptocurrency expert". Only a loud mouthed sensationalist looking for an opportunity to milk a trend. No one's gonna remember his stock-loving ass in 2 years.

Great to see you on Steemit!

Love your style of being halfway of Andreas Antanopolous and Ethan Klein!

Consider using dtube as your video Platform too! In case the YouTube Adpocalipse affects you.

Pretty sure Doug is being demonetized on YouTube, most cryptocurrency content creators are, so he focuses on selling Merch, and displaying his personal portfolio. I believe that's how his channel is being powered going forward, but you're right... he should be on DTube as well.

It's only right for crypto-bloggers to be on Steem platforms. For one thing they'll have my support.

Don't be shilling for scams though that I'll flag.

Couldn't agree with you more, and thanks for keeping Steemit a safe, and spam free zone!

Haha, I watched this on YT earlier - it cracked me up. Didn't realise you were also on Steemit - great stuff.

they are talking from their ignorance , they know nothing but they want to want to be seen as if they know, but most of them are sponsored by big banks so they sing to the pipers tune

Leave them, theyre only harming their own reputation

There was an amazing piece in the guardian yesterday that was just facepalm after face palm. The same guy will be rushing for coins in a year or two.

Awesome video!! First time viewer but definitely not my last. Great delivery of some cold hard facts. Look forward to your next video.

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I forwarded the link to Dan Nathan, thanks for these videos they are well done and comical as well as educational - and its part of the whole community to call out scammers and bs artist well done .. p.s. i got your back when crypto nick comes for your knee caps HAHAHAHAH

Hahaha.. your videos are great man, keep up the good work.

Doug, Keep up the good work man. Not many honest Crypo informers out there. I hope i am not wrong but you seem straight up. I too lost out when Poker stars kicked me out of playing simply because i live in the States. i logged on one morning to see i nice emblem practically saying "F You". A free country yet the only one that cant play Pokerstars! Pffft! Anyways love your material. I have a poll i started on a Steem post trying get average crpto peeps to inform of their fav coins without scamer whales splashing in. Please check it out. Thank man. P.S did Negreanu get hair plugs? lol

incredible information
Thank you for sharing this important information

nothing like a washed up CNBC "commentator" making a fool of himself.

Hi sir your articles are very interesting good going best of luck. I am new to steemit plz help me and follow apvote my blogs posts support me thank you.

That guy explaining the btc and eth chart made me seem stupid. I don't know WHAT he said except the 50 day and 100 day moving average.

At the 5 minute mark you address the age range, I'm pretty sure he was referring to the comment before of "weak hands and baby hands" because 13 year olds lose their temper and easily and in this case, selling their holdings.

Otherwise it's a good breakdown video, but I think it's time to put bitcoin aside and focus on 2nd and 3rd gen cryptos that make bitcoin look ancient.

wow i just fond you for the first time !!!! Subscribing !!! :P:P:P woww loove what you did there its soo truee

I would love it if they actually invite someone on a show like that that knew the technology behind crypto and has studied the market, but they never will.

My favorite part of this video:

"Facts Matter"

Yes! Thank you so much for this!!!

Oh yeah, the entire video was great =D

Now that’s funny! Too bad the guy who wanted to keep the argument going knew nothing in terms of crypto! Nice video, if CNBC ever hires a cyrpto analyst whose more involved in the FACTS behind each currencies tech, there will be less focus on price speculation being delivered to new investors. But who am I kinding, that’s CNBC! 😂

Haha this is great, who let the chimps loose in the studio. They don´t have a clue about this technology.

Stocks are awesome? I don't think so. Market makers will empty your pockets,

They need to stop!!!!!

He didn't say anything at all. LMFAO Ethereum has only been traded for 6 months? They are hiring morons to talk about crypto's to give it less credibility. a 45% drop during christmas / before tax time is not ludicrous, it's normal lol

Great video! I enjoyed watching! :) Funny!

Doug! So cool your on Steemit. Definitely going to follow you.

Hadn't seen you around here yet Doug!

I've been subscribe for some time now, whatching your poker vids since before the Kassouf times, been waiting for another headsup with Ike again!

Cheers from Brazil :)

Beauty! I always watch your videos on YouTube! Love your content. :)

I’m new to the steem but on YouTube I have a blast with you. Glad I found you here!

Haha good to see you here man. I just started following you on youtube after that "hot cheap coin bro" video lolol.

Holy crap, that´s a really new level of bullshit. Thanks for sharing and giving me a funny moment today:):):)

Everyone in the media has bitcoin opinion

I love your videos! you're hilarious.

I sense they fear the idea of this because they didn't have a hand in creating it.

Great video, nice information, I like this post
Good sharing, thanks

At some point these guys will realise crypto isnt the same as stocks. Its great to make charts and try to predict patterns in crypto pricing but this is about as unpredictable as it gets. One of the core strengths of crypto is its not a main stream investment. Its also probably one of its downfalls. As more people and more media stick their nose into decentralised currencies the more likley the same people manipulating stock markets and fiats will try and manipulate cryptos. Its a fine line we toe my fellow crypto nerds. At least we can all laugh at main stream medias ignorance until they finaly figure block chain out eh?

Very informative and entertaining!

It’s like people explaining cloud computing 10 years ago

Again a funny video with some good information. Thank you for that @dougpolkcrypto.

It would be so interesting to see you talk about steem and steemit!

He sounds like the guy who was caught with weed in his car that was lobbying for not smoking weed :/

Too funny bro! had to watch it back a couple times

"Credibility" odd word, if you try to examine their "Proof of work" over the years, you can certainly seen that those "public figures" do not have. Promoting of Idiotic people and Idiotic opinions is so common in the TV sphere, It's not odd that Normal people try to get as far of it as they possibly can.

thanks your post!

Sweet! Great guest 👍

He talking like this. and behind he full his bag

6 months is his experience in crypto world! Or maybe 6 days! Ether!

This guy just doesn't want to learn.

Love watching your YouTube and glad I found you on Steemit!

Lets all appreciate that once the Shysters on the news told you to invest in certain crypto - they all tanked haha!! These guys know absolutely nothing.

Wow, there is a lot of missinformation around this topic.. thanks for the video and +1 follower :)

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Doug Polk Crypto always delivers great content! Real info not just a bunch of charts

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Amazing how the guy talked for at least 20 seconds at one point, and it was nothing but buzzwords connected to zero content. WOW!

Keep it up, you're doing a great job! :D

your videos are always on point! love em

That hand in the background at 7:20, it looks like someone want to slap him

This post is great! so many people full of shit it drives me nuts...

Hey Doug at what point do you bring on @papigto and talk about the most GTO plays in crypto? Lol

I dont understand why the one guy so emotional. YOU DONT KNOW ME. lol

This really was a fud planting. No doubt the the guy was in love with stocks and had a personal vendetta against them because some teenager got a lambo from trading crypto much faster than he did.

haha you are freaking hilarious! that dude is such a douche.

It seems there aim is create panic among investors

When has CNN MSNBC or any other news station reported real news...


That's all they got!

Enjoy your videos brother! Keep doing what you are doing!

What an absolute moron!!!

They do same thing in stock market as well. They will generate fear, negative sentiments during this time they will enter at lows then will stop discussing it and then they will sell on tops. They get paid for negative news. And we lose our money by selling on lows. So best thing is to research abt the comp, know abt its projects and fundamentals. Know about the team and know abt their capabilities of delivering the promises. Once you have studied enough you can easily ride these rough times as well..

Great video, subscribed to your youtube and am watching another video right now. A good mix of solid info presented humorously.

i dont know what he's saying heheh

This video cracked me up! How do these guys hold down jobs on television?

How are you finding Steemit?

Well done on video, entertaining, upvoted! Guy wants to isolate a down movement of bit coin and ignore its previous gains and contribution to technology, he has his head up his...

These folks are trying to desperately hold on to the dying fiat markets even though the *Flock)market is
in its record high...
Interactive economic models such as Steemit is the true under current no matter what they say,
Bitcoin....wait till a smaller Crypto rises above bitcoin..
What wondrous days we are living.
great break down.

Satoshi from Japan, ETH trading for only 6 months...
Lots of laugh. Perhaps he's doing it intentionally. ;)

I have been loving Doug's latest videos saying what we all know about these shills. Don't let up on them Doug.

Haha thats hilarious!