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RE: 🤯 Locked out of your wallet? Don't panic!

in #crypto6 years ago

This really is scary and I am always worried about it as well. I wrote down the long password in a book I keep in my desk I also have it on a thumbdrive with other ones as well just in case. It could still happen though, as I am not immune to losing my password book, I've done it before and will probably do it again.


Hehe.. I felt safe too. Maybe too safe... in a stressful situation, its easy to make a wrong decision. Ok, lesson learned. And I#d rather make a bad decision there than on my motorcycle ;-)

Isn't that the truth. I once thought I'd get a motorcycle, but I have a dear friend that is an Emergency Room /Casualty Physician and he said in the medical field they are called "Donor Cycles" because you usually only get ONE accident and then provide the organs...spooky term, but they are doctors. I love the freedom it must give you, but for me if I'm going to ride a thing that might kill me I always choose horses first! :)

OK, but at least my bike doesn't bite ;-) We had two horses and often had a good time with them. Fell off a few times too, and my dad once actually ended up in a hospital. But I think, it was because he was chasing a girl ;-)

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