The one crypto to rule them all [crypto branding]

in crypto •  7 months ago

Creating a popular new crypto requires as much marketing savvy as technical expertise. That might explain why so many new cryptos are trying to gain popularity with tech influencers by choosing names that clearly reference blockbuster science fiction films or HBO TV shows. Neo, of course, is a reference to the "Matrix" series of films. Ravencoin is a reference to "Game of Thrones." Tron is a reference to the popular 1980's science fiction movie.

And there are plenty of cryptos and blockchain projects that are trying to gain immediate name recognition by choosing to target "The Lord of the Rings." Mithril, for example, is a reference to a super-strong, immutable metal found in the films. According to Coindesk, there are three separate blockchain projects named Mithril.

Which got me thinking... What would be the perfect name for a new crypto?

Keeping on brand, I was thinking that maybe "Tolkien" (in honor of J.R.R. Tolkien) would be a great name. Say it quickly enough and it sounds just like "token." Just like we refer to $100 fiat bills as "Benjamins," we'd refer to single units of the Tolkien as "Johnnies" or "Johnny Ronalds." Maybe Puff Daddy would even rap about them:

Yo, just an idea.

I've heard that the Tolkien family is very, very, very careful with its intellectual property, so it would probably never fly in real life. But if you're looking for one crypto to rule them all, a Tolkien would be unstoppable, right?

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