Warning: This Crypto Exchange Will Steal Your Money [VIDEO]

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Government gangs today know all too well the power of doublespeak, since political propagandists used 1984 as an instruction manual. They constantly use terms that mean the exact opposite of what’s actually going on.

Take for example, the “Department of Defense”. By now, anyone who has been paying attention for more than five minutes knows the DoD’s primary function is to plan and execute offensive maneuvers.

Then there’s “"money laundering”, which according to the state is when you hide the origins of money you’ve obtained “illegally.”

In reality, laundering money is more like retaining privacy over your own assets and avoiding prying thugs who want to extort you, like the IRS.

Meanwhile, state vultures have circled over the crypto market for years, seeking regulations to stop us or simply monitor and track it all---mostly to no avail.


One of their most recent efforts involves the use of pervasive “Know Your Customer” laws, wherein they’ve actually managed to intimidate popular crypto exchanges into demanding private data from their users.

Recent revelations have exposed HitBTC, a crypto exchange based in Hong Kong, as capitulating to government-imposed KYC policies. The company is forcing people to reveal personal details or lose the ability to remove their assets from the exchange.

I cannot stress this enough... Always keep as little on exchanges as possible!

Luke Dashjr, a bitcoin core developer, explained on Twitter how he learned this the hard way:

“They're locking accounts and making unreasonable demands for private information, which many people can't provide even if they wanted to. And when you don't/can't comply, they just keep your bitcoins instead of closing your account and sending them to you.

Citing their ToS, they claim the user agreed to cooperate with the KYC when they signed up. But the KYC nonsense wasn't in their ToS until recently, long after most people signed up. Indeed, many people probably signed up specifically because HitBTC had a reputation of no-KYC.

And while every exchange does update their ToS from time to time, HitBTC's explicitly said they would notify customers of any changes. They did NOT give any notification of adding the KYC clauses.”

Needless to say, we highly advise NOT USING HitBTC---no corporation should be rewarded for “negotiating with terrorists.”

There are enough challenges to worry about with government thugs breathing down our necks---we don’t need the private sector kowtowing.

I reported on this and more while walking along the beaches of Anarchapulco.

Watch The Full Video Here:

Of course, there are still a few reputable places to invest your money and increase your wealth---but I’ve seen too many scams come and go over the years, so I’m always quick to sound the alarm when a new bad actor pops up.

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The elite must be getting worried, do you know off any Exchangles that are trustworthy? Thanks mike

fuck HitBTC

I remember when HitBTC was one of the most popular STEEM and SBD exchanges. Then HitBTC shut down their wallet preventing any STEEM or SBD from going in or out of HitBTC back in February 2018.

All that STEEM and SBD got stuck in the HitBTC exchange wallet. While individual users of HitBTC could still trade STEEM and SBD, none of that cryptocurrency could leave the exchange.

About 6 months later HitBTC sold a bunch of that STEEM when the price was still high. HitBTC effectively stole that STEEM currency. It is all on the STEEM blockchain

Anyone can go and look for themselves https://steemitwallet.com/@hitbtc-exchange/transfers

What is even worse is that they continue trading STEEM and SBD against Bitcoin even though their wallet has been abandoned. They are not trading STEEM or SBD. They are trading a virtual version that has no tie to a real functioning wallet. So essentially, they are trading fake currency against Bitcoin. That essentially makes Bitcoin on their exchange Fake as well.

Why did they do this? My guess is that they have insolvency issues (they owe more than they have). Perhaps they created virtual currency that doesn't exist to cover their bills. For instance, they could have created a virtual supply of Bitcoin or some other currency and sold it to their customers on their exchange.

The moment that a government entity steps in and audits their exchange, they are going to be in big trouble. I don't know how they are going to explain how they were trading a fake currency for over a year now.

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I know very little about crypto currencies, but I do know about the state and the banking cabal, etc etc, so one day I was entertaining the thought of buying some crypto, and I unthinkingly started to sign up for this; but got to looking at the ToS, and sure enough, the octopus is stretching those tentacles out in more lies and intimidations