Crypto, Acapulco, and How to Ooze Passion - Jeff Berwick on Way of the Renaissance Man

in crypto •  2 months ago

Jeff Berwick is interviewed by Jim Woods for Way of the Renaissance Man. What drives a live well lived? How do we apply passion? What one can do to integrate and celebrate one's life with others? Jeff's view of fiat currencies and what's next, crypto?

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Topics include: Bitcoin, self improvement, following your passion, overcoming fear, liberty and freedom, Austrian economics, anarcho-capitalism, Anarchapulco, Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, federal reserve, free market, central banks, hyperbaric chamber, self discipline, crypto, Steemit, Anarchapulco 2019

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Aah Dtube- no dislikes on this vid because it's not centralized censorship city like youtube. Keep up the great work Jeff. Just bought tickets and our room at the Princess Mundo for myself and my girlfriend. So amped! See you at Anarchapulco!!!

is that what he is oozing? ;)

Nice meeting you yesterday. Great speech to close out the conf.

Here’s a bit of your talk on DTube:

I will also upload an audio-only version to @dsound in the coming days.

Cheers & Safe Travels