It's The End of The State As We Know It, And I Feel Fine [VIDEO]

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Decentralized networks have begun to disrupt politics, for the benefit of society at large.

Throughout human history, technology has always progressed.

The automobile made the horse and buggy archaic. Robotics made the human factory worker uncompetitive. And now, blockchain applications are making governments obsolete.

Because central banks have destroyed our money, it’s imperative that we destroy their power over our money.

It’s a matter of when, not if, and the spoils are for the taking for anyone who notices the ship sinking from the sidelines.

When we begin to see the state for what it truly is—a monopoly on violence, and a massive mechanism for human slavery—only then can we escape the farm.

I discussed this and much more during a recent interview with The Crypto Lark.

We also got a chance to chat about the real panic bottom, and why I believe we still need to see more Bitcoin bandwagoners’ toxic “hopes and dreams” crushed---all in the name of restoring some market correction after last year’s unsustainable boom.

You Can Watch The Full Interview Here:

While crypto newcomers thought everyone and their grandmother was about to get filthy rich and buy Lambos on the moon, we at TDV were much more cautious, advising our newsletter readers (subscribe HERE) to consider reinvesting some Bitcoin profits into gold and gold stocks.

The strategy ultimately proved to be a winning one. True success is about the long-term game---it always has been.

I just finished an exciting run at the WSOP (perhaps you follow my Facebook), but I’ll be back in Las Vegas this week to debate voting with the founder of FreedomFest. Right after, I’ll fly to the Infinite Man Summit in Lisbon.

Then, I’ll also be speaking at Anarchaportugal in Porto, Portugal on July 19th and 20th. You can save 10% off the Anarchaportugal ticket price by using discount code ANARCHAST.



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Yes, central bank money will be obsolete. You were right about taking crypto profits at the top, but putting them into gold and gold stocks have shown nothing but losses this year. The fed is rapidly tightening with higher interests, holding up the dollar, and unfortunately crushing the value of gold. In the long term gold will be much higher though.

Why the feds gotta be like that bro?

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cryptoLark pumps out so much content its unreal lol

I've set up a proxy account to vote for members who don't have the time to properly vett trusted Block Producers. If you want to contribute to the voting process but don't have time to check out who's the best and who's just a whale or exchange, then set your proxy vote to this account:

To EOS Community Members who want to improve the health and security of the EOS network, please consider voting for 30 Block Producers for a wider distribution of voting, or choose a proxy that you feel resonates with what you would want in a blockchain.

if politics will comes on blockchain do you think there will be more clean and reliable politics?

in the long term gold is not a great investment. Better as a hedge or for storing wealth.

Gold Prices - 100 Year Historical Chart

I don't see any mechanism to prevent a decentralized violence paradigm from becoming a monopolistic one. What prevents the formation of monopolies? How are monopolies broken up?

I join one right now and I start to ask some questions

Politics could certainly learn a thing or two from blockchain! The mainstreaming of blockchain is helping to shift our mindset to expecting transparency instead of settling for shadiness.

Other industries are following suit - Triip is revolutionizing travel, Teambrella is taking on healthcare, and Virtual Universe is bringing true immersion to gaming. Exciting times ahead!

-Jeroen Van den Bosch, co-founder of Virtual Universe

Thanks Jeff!

I agree that a crash is coming. At our house we're trying to prepare--a fairly easy thing to do on a small farm. I'm not a bleeding heart, but I'm not heartless either. My question is this--how can those of us who have prepared for collapse help our neighbors who haven't without running ourselves too thin?

by telling your neighbors not to panic and sell at the bottom of the market.