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Once In a Lifetime 

By definition, once in a lifetime means it's so good it will only likely happen once in an entire lifetime. This is true with things like winning the lottery, becoming president, or winning a world series. But someone wins the lottery every year. Some one wins the world series every year. We have a president all the time. We shouldn't be concerned with once in a lifetime anymore. Today we should be looking at once in a millennia opportunity. 

The Potential Impact...

...of cryptocurrencies on society is the biggest impact sense farming. Lots of time was freed up once human kind learned how to cultivate the land and store food reserves. They started being able to do other more curious, fun and artistic things to push society forward. This was essential to the evolution of human kind and our planet.

Today we have an equally revolutionary development on our hands and it's called decentralized cryptocurrency. We should all be reminded that decentralization is the unique proposition here. Everything else is a database accounting software. The battle over decentralization will be an intense one moving forward. will be there as a resource to share information with those who are willing to listen to additional perspectives. 

With something this revolutionary it stands to reason that the early adopters will benefit greatly, even in ways we don't yet understand. It's still a brand new technology but we are well on the way to mass adoption. The market cap of the entire market is $345 billion. This is nothing. It's a decent sized company listed on the S&P 500. It's a drop in the bucket when compared to global commerce and financial transactions. Any adoption what so ever will push the price many multiples higher from here.

The name of the game is patience 

You have to be in it for the next +10 years. If you're trying to get rich quick then you're gonna get poor fast. Build your crypto reserves one week at a time. Pay yourself off the top in crypto and hold for 10 years. Every dollar will be worth many multiples higher. Diversification will save your portfolio. Lean in to higher market cap plays and high daily volume coins. Set reasonable allocations for your portfolio and know set your buy and sell rebalancing triggers. 

Anyone who can participate simple tasks such as mentioned above can participate in the greatest wealth transfer the world has ever seen. Decentralized cryptocurrencies are going to suck everything in like a financial black hole. It will be either because your want to or because you have to. Better get going now and be ahead of the pack. 

I hope you enjoyed today's topic. Drop me a line and let me know what you think about the impact of decentralized cryptocurrencies on today's society.

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