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A finance ministry panel established to study can also suggest that they should be considered as objects.

"I do not think anyone is really thinking about restricting it (cryptokuria) completely. The issue here is about regulating the business and we need to know where the money is coming from. (A) Commodity can allow us to better control the business and, therefore, it is being seen, "a senior government official in the panel's discussions

Last month, Subhash Chandra Garg, head of the Department said

The official said that the most important concern of the committee is keeping track of investors and funds to curb money laundering and illegal financing.

"Business is not a criminal offense. Most of us do business in various asset classes in the stock market. So how is it (cryptocurrency business) different? The official official said that a mechanism to ensure what should happen in the place The money used is not illegal money, and tracking its source is the most important thing.

An email sent to the Ministry of Finance is not unanswered.

Second innings

In order to understand the expanded virtual currency ecosystem, the first panel, set up by the Narendra Modi government in April 2017, gradually recommended it to surprise. It is not surprising that the potential trend of the second panel will come as a relief to the cryptrocreative exchanges.

Shubham Yadav, co-founder of the Pune-based cryptocurrency exchange Coindelaata, said, "Although cryptocarias are related to a new category of financial assets, we can welcome them as items, and not because of their high volatile prices. " "Many countries including the US are already going in this direction."

Former RBI Governor R. Gandhi said that by presenting them as objects, it will become clear to some investors that bitcoin-like cryptokuris are not real currency. "If they are used to solve the transaction, then it receives the nature of the currency, so this is one thing that needs to be careful. But if people want to invest in something then it is different , Because then we can assume that they are aware of the risks involved. "

To overcome other concerns of the government around security, the Indian cryptoocracy firm has already agreed to be open for further investigation.

They know strong that your customer and anti-money laundering guidelines already exist and they are willing to include more suggestions. "We are also ready to work with the government and help them in forming the regulatory framework." Yadav said, "We can help them in creating surveillance system for Blockchain where it remotely monitors all transactions Can do.



That's India and Other Asian Countries Not Known the Power of Bitcoin. Bitcoin was Always Growth whenever any Gov Not banned and other reasons.

its really good news if this happen.... @dilbagpreet

Oh ok. That will be very awesome to hear if such thing should happen.

Right thoughts you have @dilbagpreet, and set them cool

India will obviously not ban crypto buddy

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