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Two of the world's largest Internet companies, Google and Facebook, are adding features that are likely to be a crypto community, most likely.

Google has added new cryptos to its currency converter, and Facebook has started unbanned advertising related to crypto as promised. Let's talk about Google first.

If you want to know the price of Bitcoin, one of the ways to do this was to search the term bidcoin in Google, and you will be presented with the present price of cryptocurrency in the US.

However, it does not work for other cryptocontents until recently. Google has now introduced a similar feature for a pair of popular coins - Lightcore and Bitcoin cache.

Now, to find out the prices of these two, you have to search for this word in Google and you will be presented with the latest prices of currencies. It seems that prices follow the ones seen on
Today, with almost everything in the world, people are divided into opinions about Google's latest move. Both sides went to Twitter to express their opinions. While some see it as an 'enthusiastic' step, as a result of which cryptos are the result of being "everywhere in the world", other people are not so positive about it, by saying that one of the cryptocychers to track Google The way, and in what amount, people are roaming around.

In the meantime, Facebook announced for the first time that it would expose the crypt-related ads on its platform a month ago, eventually working on its promise. Late last week, Brian Armstrong, popular US-based Fiat-to-Crypto exchange and wallet service, CEO and co-founder, Brian Armstrong told Sikkabas that the company can once again advertise on social media platforms.

But this does not mean that all the crypto related items are clear. Facebook is still banning the initial coin offer (ICO) and binary options ads. 'Legitimate companies', however, can now advertise. Meanwhile, Google announced that it is banning ads related to crypto which is starting June 2009, yet anyone can find such ads on Google.


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is this new effect crypto market....???
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Well, it is a very good thing they are now doing. This is the support that we need to boost the crypto adoption worldwide

This is awesome news. ICO are not trustworthy so banning them is somewhat good.

just a mere issue, look to now easily find data about ico in google

Great news dear good work.
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Thank you for sharing this awesome news

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