IONChain. A trading system with greater economic performance.

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The new era of the currency began with the arrival of Bitcoin and the cryptocurrencies allowing to dominate the financial market. Thanks to the innovative Blockchain technology, new cryptocurrencies emerged, each with different characteristics that would not only differentiate them from the rest, but also offer investors a completely different variety of benefits that have not only revolutionized the traditional financial system granting them cryptocurrency a high investment.

IONChain:is a chain of blocks that implements the central concept called "A device, a code, a currency"; where "Device" refers to the IOT devices that participate within the IonChain ecosystem, and "Coin" means the IONC of the cryptocurrency. "Code" is the exclusive identification code that can also be used as a wallet for these Iot devices within the IonChain network.

IONChain: is an innovation and complies with the global standard, providing fast, secure, scalable and decentralized technology; guarantees the value, security of data and transactions with more than 50% of the total power that is sent to the base chain, which avoids a double expense due to the use of technology. This can allow to fill the gap that has been provided in the market and to grow along with the requirements of organizations around the world.

What is IoT (Internet of Things)

Internet of things is defined as the consolidation through the network of networks of a "network", which houses a great multitude of objects or devices, that is; connects to this all the things of this world such as vehicles, appliances, mechanical devices, or simply objects such as footwear, furniture, suitcases, measuring devices, biosensors, or any other object that we can imagine. Like the vast majority of technological advances, the objective that this technology aims to achieve is to make our lives more comfortable, as well as to provide greater security in various areas.
Characteristics of the IoT
  • Communication and cooperation:Objects will have the ability to connect to Internet services among themselves, being able to exchange and update data between them and establish communications with servers.
  • Addressing capacity: This class of devices can be configured and localized from anywhere in the network.
  • Identification:Objects can be identified through technologies such as RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), NFC (Near Field Communication), optical reading bar codes, or hundreds of other ways to identify a device in a network.
  • Location:They will have at all times knowledge about their physical location, being able to know where they are at all times.
  • Action:Certain objects will be able to manipulate their environment.

    What is IONChain?

    IonChain is a chain of double layer blocks. It consists of the lastic fragmentation in layer one and a chain of base blocks to confirm the blocks of the first layer. IonChain is fully compatible with cross-fragment transactions. The design principles of IonChain include increasing scalability but at the same time ensuring that decentralization and security are paramount. The key to IonChain is the creation of seamless cross-transactions to provide users with a quality experience (QoE) within an incentive-driven ecosystem, as it can support different platforms and provide users with an easy-to-use account. Our design will allow scalability to be in line with high security maintenance requirements with a good level of decentralization.

    Objective of IONChain?
    Build an Internet of value by putting things together in one place. In the IonChain network, each IoT device can be a mining machine. IonChain will serve as an underlying infrastructure platform in which all IoT devices can contribute data, quantify their value and then exchange them for IONC currencies.

    Vision of IONChain?
    Leverage the newest technologies to include elements such as a database network called fragment, IonChain will provide large scale distributable systems, which have a unique scalability advantage. The distributable network increases the capabilities of IonChain exponentially and can act to see the IONC integrated into common transactions. The challenges of the chain of blocks that IonChain will face will be the ability to scale, decentralize and guarantee security while maintaining a fast-moving service.
    Characteristics of [IONChain?](
    An important feature of the network is that it was designed with horizontal scalability. This allows the network to run each node as a complete super node with a similar level of protection against malicious attacks, as with a traditional overproduction. The network is easy to use, safe and allows to provide equal conditions for all miners:

  • Sharding:It provides the separation of data from a large base into smaller components. This is the most common way in which centralized systems achieve their scalability needs. One of the difficulties that arises in the operation of block chains is their ability to integrate fragments, since this is not initially planned. This requires finding compromises between scalability, security and decentralization. In particular, to achieve a large storage capacity, such compensation is to reduce the speed of transaction processing.
  • Scalability:There are several ways to scale the block chain, including the use of beam networks, multiple networks or shard technology. At the beginning, the frequency of transactions depends on a fixed number of parties, until each party completes its transaction. After that, only one of the parties must publish the final result without having to create several transactions in the network history. These networks are not suitable for general use, but only to solve specific problems.
  • Decentralization:The ability to decentralize commerce and data storage provides a reduction in the necessary costs, allowing the average user to use this technology together with large companies. This also gives the block chain a higher level of security and does not allow large mining groups to control most of the networks based on the PoW algorithm.

    The value of the IONC token

    IonChain will use the IONC ERC-20 token based on the Ethereum block system. In the future, the currency will be transferred to the IonChain blockchain. The Token will play the role of an exchange unit between the members of the network, providing a secure payment method in the IonChain network. The system provides mobility support and infrastructure for the launch of decentralized dApps applications.

    Third-party developers will have access to tools to create ecosystems with Android support. They will be able to create and execute viable online projects. The network will also allow small and medium business owners to increase the effectiveness of their authentication by using a chain of blocks for their business needs with a boron purpose.

    IonChain work team


    The IONChain? project focuses on guaranteeing data security by helping with trade and data exchange. The intention is to break with the regular platform, barriers and establish the connection with the IOT network nodes of any type or scale through decentralized blockchain technology.

    IONChain? applies a unique IONIZATION algorithm to meet the requirements of the burgeoning IoT industry. The inspiration for the ionization algorithm comes from the formation of ions. Ionization is the process by which an atom or molecule acquires a negative or positive charge by winning or losing electrons to form ions, often together with other chemical changes. Similarly, the ionization algorithm separates two main functions of the block chain: value creation and transfer value, producing new business models after combining and separating the value creation layer and the value transfer layer.

    Under the blockchain technology, the creation and transfer of value are combined. The success of Bitcoin and Ethereum is based on this type of algorithm. However, these algorithms are not suitable for the future requirements of the growing IoT industry. IonChain algorithms are designed to make it possible for each IoT device to become a mining machine that allows them to create value constantly. When tens of billions of IoT devices are part of a single network and guarantee the creation and transfer of value, the value of things on the Internet will grow dramatically.
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