Bull Run EOY? - Why I Invest In DACs > STOs

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Why I believe the crypto market is set up for a big bull run by the end of the year.

DACs (Decentralized Autonomous Corporations) vs. STOs (Security Token Offerings) And what some people are overlooking.

Low Cap Alts must produce a product to survive.

Stocks at ATH - Just saying.

Crypto will decouple from Bitcoin eventually until then take advantage.

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Gonna be writing an article on the evidence for a super bull coming in Q4, extremely useful information here.

Do you really think EOS will start making smartphones?

It's interesting to hear you have so much confidence in DAC's working better than centralised organisations. It sounds better in theory but has yet to be proven in practice. Of course we're just at the beginning. It will be exciting to see how things develop.


I'll upvote the post tommorow when my mana is back to 100%.

I think they should, esp with how much Dan likes Apple. - About DACs, I rather put faith into a reasonable sounding unknown, because we all already know how centralized business models end, in corruption. Centralized business models simply don't work, they do for awhile, then they pull some shady shit and go out of business; they are like fruit, they go bad after awhile. The only reason we have centralized business models now is because we never had blockchain.

My guess would be one more leg down before we hit the bottom. I prefer to be pessimistic, as then if I'm wrong, that's great. The market might turn by the end of the year but I don't mind having more time to buy at lower prices. I'm not putting a lot into cryptocurrency, as that would be a strain on my finances, so a few months to accumulate at low prices would be great.

Very true. I was even thinking that the big bull run will be starting middle October, like it started last year.

It will definitely happen but I'm not entirely sure that it will be at the end of this year. I certainly hope so... I've been eyeballing a little house in the country.

True true! Great show today @dhenz 👍❤🦋

You made some good points here, many of which I'm already familiar with but good to be speaken of. Many still fail to realize the potential of the blockchain we are using.

Why do you think there will be a bull run in the upcoming months? Because of the patterns mentioned at the beginning or something else altogether?

I believe we have bottomed out and are oversold. Lots of groundwork was done this year, stars are aligned for a bull run IMO.

Nooooo. I like the bear. Especially with Steem. Can earn so much more tokens then. QQ

But the bull is fine too. Can cash out some to buy more later when the bear comes back :D

Good way of looking at it.

I now see all stable coins as anathema to the cryptocurrency/decentralization. Tokens that can be locked down don't sit well with me. Also, Dan, I'd like to know if you still hold MYB, ONG and SIG. I am and have added to my bags cause they are sooooo cheap now.

I hodl ONG and SIG - And you are right they are super cheap, esp SIG.

Bull run 😍😍😍
Waiting from a long time...

If the bull run happens it will be my first ever i am still a rookie in this game and i dont plan leaving anytime soon.
Hope your right :)

I feel excited for what might happen in the short (lets say until the end of the year). Been reading and hearing a bit about all the things that are aligning such as the accumulation period reaching a turning point (and it might go down as you say, but doesn't feel realistic considering the others), the possible first ETF approval and Bakkt that shall bring new money into this market, the next major financial crash that I too firmly believe will happen in the next 1-2 years, even bitcoins whitepaper 10th year anniversary on October 31. Really interesting times!