Crypto INSTITUTIONAL INVESTORS and Cryptocurrency SECURITY Issues.

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Over the last couple of years, crypto institutional investors haven’t been able to participate really. Cryptocurrency security issues are pretty darn important to crypto holders right. So crypto doesn’t have the traditional market participants, it doesn’t have a whole heck of a lot of funds in comparison with traditional markets. We are still figuring crypto out to give hedge funds, asset management companies, and traditional finance companies what they need to participate in this.

Remember, like it or not, this is where the big money is and these guys will be involved whether we like it or not when crypto goes mainstream. Them getting involved will probably expedite or be the spark for mainstream adoption anyway. They are mainly wanting qualified custodians. The stock and bond markets are very different to the crypto market. But part of why crypto was designed, and this is an advantage it has over fiat, was for safety.

BitGo is doing some pretty interesting things in this space. They are trying to solve the issues of security that the banks never solved. It sits on top of the chain and has multi-sig which offers a few security levels.

There have been time lock transactions, vault proposals into the chain, and other technology mechanisms that have been thought of for implementing a more secure blockchain and currency.

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