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Gaming industry will become populer day by day in the blockchain. Today I would like to review XAYA: THE ULTIMADE BLOCKCHAIN GAMING PLATFORM.



"XAYA is an Ultimate Blockchain Gaming Platform, the result of several years of research and development into Blockchain gaming by the original pioneers. XAYA addresses both the existing gaming and cryptocurrency markets and further creates an entirely new market in the process through games created on top of the blockchain. This new market is attributable to the creation of new virtual universes and item trading possibilities that are substantially deeper and more flexible than other emerging and simple trading systems using smart contracts. XAYA is not simply an asset platform, it also allows for game worlds to run completely autonomous so that players will never lose their assets due to third party negligence. XAYA is a blockchain based on Namecoin. "

"In February 2014, XAYA released Huntercoin which is XAYA’s first project. In Huntercoin, every moves of players are recorded to the blockchain (Similar to Ethereum’s Smart Contract). XAYA solves the scaling issue with several innovative methods called Game Channels which is a fantastic idea." (For more information about Game Channels, you can check (https://www.ledgerjournal.org/ojs/index.php/ledger/article/view/15/64)


XAYA is the first decentralized massively multiplayer game and also the first game world built on the blockchain. XAYA is the first mining permissible cryptocurrency for regular people. These innovations can completely change the world of gaming.


There are two major aspects to the problem being solved.

"DEVELOPERS: Time and cost from concept to market for many new and independent developers is often prohibitive. It is commonly known that the majority of these developers are unable to reach the gaming market because of the aforementioned constraints. With appropriate developer tools and using the blockchain to create decentralised autonomous game universes, with a 24/7 uptime, the costs and setup time associated with servers or cloud based services are eliminated, as are the recurring costs, such as user account administration."

"GAMERS: In general there is a growing desire for increasingly rich virtual gaming universes in which virtual asset ownership is important for gamer status and progression through a particular game. In addition, the time and effort expended by the gamer could be rewarded beyond simple enjoyment alone and through the exchange of in-game virtual items for real world value or for virtual items available in another game."


The XAYA platform will provide a wealth of tools and infrastructure for game developers to build their own game worlds that fit their vision and project. They can fully leverage the XAYA technology to build decentralised games and issue their own game currency that can be traded for CHI or other XAYA game coins/assets secured by the XAYA blockchain.


• True blockchain games turn game worlds into Decentralised Autonomous Universes that run serverless, unstoppable and censorship resistant.
• With the XAYA platform for in-game assets, your players have true item ownership, garnering greater loyalty for your game. XAYA’s asset management is simple to use with any programming language you choose.
• With XAYA, fraud is a thing of the past. As are high payment-processing fees. And it’s faster. And easier. With no need to trust a 3rd party.
• Designed from the ground up with game channel technology for virtually unlimited transactions inside game worlds.
• Run your games entirely on the blockchain without the need for centralised servers.
• Secure, trustless trading. Guaranteed zero fraud when trading in-game assets and currencies.
• Designed for Massively Multiplayer Online Games, no servers, and 24/7 up time.
• The XAYA blockchain is secured using a custom PoW mining method. With SHA-256d merged mining secured by Bitcoin miners, 51% attacks are near impossible.
• Compete in games with zero cheating.


XAYA has a solid team and well experienced advisors. Therefore XAYA will be even populer and strong in the future.

XAYA has partnerships with Treat Fighters and Soccer Manager. Especially Soccer Manager is a very populer game with lots of users. It’s important in helping Xaya become mainstream and also partnering with Xaya will allow Soccer Manager to offer provably fair gameplay and true ownership of in-game assets to the players. It’s a good reason for Soccer Manager to be even more popular in the future.


XAYA has multiple fully-decentralised, trustless wallets where you can register your unique avatar names, secure your coins. It is also really easy to use.


In conclusion, XAYA is a strong gaming platform with lots of benefits to developers and gamers. Personally I feel like, XAYA is going to be a milestone for other gaming platforms with their innovations.

For more information

You can check https://xaya.io/

For Whitepaper https://xaya.io/downloads/XAYA_White_Paper.pdf

Also here is the link of the contest





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