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RE: Take note of these few unknowns as you trade Crypto as a newbiew or "oldie".

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The best strategy to winning this game/business as we all know it, is to buy low then sell high, but who can predict the reversals, the lows or the highs or peak?

Never chase after a fast moving trade, they most times come back to meet your planned entry point or even go lower.
Don't you ever regret missing a trade, there are lots of other trading opportunities coming.

Though, I try to place my buy orders close to a major support but I spread out those buy orders,
it might not touch the support but will surely hit some instead of missing all out. (buy in bits, few pips apart)
Buy at 0.0001234, 0.0001244, 0.0001254

Finally, always reserve some coin in case it goes lower than planned to buy more to reduce your break even point.

Good luck

P.S. I have made this a topic of it own...