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Do you know how to trade for the highest returns (or losses) available on the internet. With any size account from $20 in value to over a billion dollars. First you should practise with no money and learn how to trade for profit and limit your losses, but if your like me you just send over 0.01 of a BTC about $100 or less, and get started on making money. The trade I like most is to buy Bitcoin on varying margin rates of 25x to 100x and sometimes I sell Bitcoin or other currencies and make money on the dips as well.

I should say I am not a financial advisor and you could lose money trading, but you already know that -s0 get stuck into it and have some real fun. Making money like a bandit and that's every day too.

Use my referral link here so I get a kickback, and that will be happiness for me too.

Make sure you trade well and make heaps of cash so you can change your life and make your families prouder too/

Use Bitcoin Etherium EOS Litecoin Cardano and Bitcoin Cash and many others.

Love you all. Use Bitmex.

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