Dollar price averaging - What price will our BTC be worth in 2020 and 2023?

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BTC has been giving us all a gift opportunity for most of 2018 -having already shown us the potential of $20000 around New Year. Of course we all seek to buy at the lowest price, but Is any comparison every dip has been a great price to purchase on.

Now this week we watch the price dip again from $7400 to $6100 and I buy again. We can all hold off looking to buy at the lowest price, but on averaging through regular purchasing and keeping some money aside to buy if prices reallu fall to around $5k or below.

Today I watched this youtube video which claimed we could see BTC at 10000000 dollars in 2023 and I personally reckon we will see BTC at $65000 in 2020.

Keep buying on dips and watch out for shit coins -- focus on BTC and the Alt coins will follow in due course if they have a usage that is not available through BTC or ETH. I have sold out of my ETH and BCH and still hold a little LTC but my focus is all on BTC and I will be buying every few weeks and on every dip all through this year.

I hope I can be lucky and buy a couple more before the end of the year, but even if I can only buy another half a coin i will be happy.

What price do you predict for BTC in 2020 and beyond - What is your favourite coin after such a long bear run,?

Please hold and don't sell unless it is to focus more resources on BTC,

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Could be much lower... maybe zero. But Dogecoin will be worth thousands

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Price will rise through scarcity and people will see #btc or crypto is the way to go.
Drop in price is all about people who do not understand and react to make a quick profit.
Very important to buy and hold.
If we all are doing it. It will go up.
Law of nature.
Keep on postin’

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