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I'm going to watch the video so i want to see what useful information can find there. Thanks

I watched it earlier @davidp, really nice interview with a lot of info of the crypto world.
It's true that the governments are really having a lot of difficulties in defining and regulating cryptos, they just can't find a way to have control.
I also find weird that upto now I did not see any country going against crypto, they are all slowly adopting cryptos, is there anything happening that we are not aware of!? Well time will tell us.
Thanks for the share!

Collin makes some really good points and I agree with what he has to say. I think that this centralised system will not work out in the end. We have already seen the global economy crippling with countries printing more money and creating this mass inflation which hurts us as we have to pay more and bail out banks. I think the East will prosper in the end with Russia and Asia.
Thanks for sharing the article @davidp

bubble will pop but now ,in few years maybe

Ok I like this guy he knows what he's talking about

@davidp this is quality informative interview on crypto. Governments find it difficult to put any restriction on cryptos because if the decentralized system. Very secure

this is pretty cool

Very nice video sir @davidp

I think it's pretty interesting what he's doing with the videos and the blog, it's really important to inform people about this crypto space :)

Great post vey interessing
thank you