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As pioneers in the blockchain Soccer management sector, Unitedfans.co aims to be proactive leaders in the soccer community by providing technology solutions for collaboration between fans and team managers. Owner Niv Tal and some of the worlds best computer programmers have developed a solution. The GOAL is to unite fans with their favorite players, teams, and coaches, by bringing all elements of the sport together with blockchain technology, and smart contract voting.

Soccer has an estimated 3.5 Billion fans, making it the world's most popular sport. This is more than American football, basketball and baseball combined! Until now, fans have been excluded from having a say in decision making. Decisions have always been left up to the league, owners, managers, and players because there has been no efficient way for fans to vote and financially contribute.

With blockchain technology, it became simple to organize a large group of people to vote, raise capital and execute complex decisions on a decentralized platform without the need to worry that someone is manipulating the voting results or has access to the funds.

UnitedFans.co will allow all Clubs worldwide to easily integrate and leverage the Blockchain Technology to communicate with their fans and exchange value through a GOAL coin cryptocurrency. The UnitedFans wallet will be able to hold and store GOAL coins. The market value of GOAL coin will increase as more fans and soccer teams adopt and use it.

in addition to being a cryptocurrency, is essentially a blockchain-based App created for soccer fans and team management worldwide, to provide the fans and the team management the ability to interact with the UnitedFans Platform. A voting platform based on the Ethereum blockchain, fans can vote on important issues, raise capital for various purposes, and even purchase tickets.

The mobile application creates a unique platform for players and fans to interact with each other. Fans can send tokens to their favorite players at the end of a great game along with a text message congratulating him. Players and managers will be able to personally show their appreciation with a Thank You response!

Teams that embrace the technology will raise their popularity, resulting in increased profits. Management will be able to make better-informed decisions by using crowd wisdom.

The collaboration among fans-team managements-players will help team managements achieve better decisions using crowd wisdom, lead to enhanced crowd support and raise the number of soccer fans, and enjoy the crowd support. Team managers will sign a contract in which they will commit to fulfill the decisions as voted by the crowd.
To vote on important issues regarding your team all you will have to do is register on a simple mobile app. Fans will be registered to their favorite team and be identified with an ID. After a vote is finalized, the team management will execute the decision. Smart contracts will send the tokens only if the terms voted on were met, otherwise, the GOAL coins will go back to the fan's digital wallets.

If you want to remain anonymous, you can easily use your GOAL coins in order to buy tickets, reward your favorite player or help raise capital for a team purpose as you chose to be anonymous you won't have the option to vote.

Soon, fans will be able to help decide which new player to sign by simply casting a vote through their mobile device. GOAL coin could be used to pay for signing the player chosen by the fans. By watching their player on the field, fans will feel involved and will be more loyal and supportive during their season.

Not only is the platform user-friendly, it will be designed for fans to use while watching a soccer game at the stadium. Since 2010 FIFA and IFAB have integrated with advancements in sports technology such as goal-line tech and video assistant referee systems, and now FIFA allows players to wear IoT devices during training. The Unitedfans GOAL coin application will enable fans to connect with their teams wearable devices, so fans can track the condition and even where they are on the field at any time!

With the increasing adoption of the blockchain technology worldwide, we can be part of a great shift towards a more decentralized way in a trustworthy ecosystem where each transaction, interaction is validated by the ethereum blockchain.

Unitedfans GOAL application is base of the architecture will be built upon the wallet contract and the ERC20 token contract—The standardized code that exists in the Ethereum ecosystem.

The Ethereum blockchain technology is that it gives us the option to create a smart contract that would execute a decision only if the terms that were determined prior to the voting were achieved. Smart contracts will ensure that GOAL coins will go directly to where they are supposed to go.

The Dapp will allow fans, teams, and managers to interact in every way you could possibly want it to including:

Purchase game tickets and merchandise.
Raise capital for team goals.
Reward players for an exceptional game.
Vote on the player of the game.
Vote on important team issues.
Which player to buy, which player to sell?
How much to pay or invest in a specific player?
Which player should get a bonus?

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