Why Would I Go To Steemit To Talk About Empowr?

in #crypto3 years ago

So here's an interesting conundrum - I'm visiting Steemit (since I do need to get back to the daily habit of writing here) in order to talk about another cryptocurrency that looks more than a little like Steemit.

Anyway, here's why:

M Logo Feb 1.jpg

I've joined their Advisory Board!

Okay, that's probably not the most exciting development in the world - but I'm checking it out and I see pluses and minuses - and a great deal of similarity between Steemit and empowr.


Gives you credit for blogging.
Looks like a social network (because it is a social network).


Their coin...isn't here yet. (They're doing an ICO, which is why they need an advisory board.)
It reminds me more than a little of Ning, which I hated then and despise now.
AND it has a craigslist element to it - sub-optimal.

Anyway, ICO forthcoming...

Love to get your thoughts - you can join at empowr.com and I'll see you there!

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