Why I'm Still Bullish on POW

in #crypto3 years ago

POW, the digital currency that decided to ignore the ICO and go straight to the airdrop, is a client of my firm, Metacoin.

But I'd Recommend Them Even if They Weren't

Why? Well, for starters, the goal is to get POW into the hands of any and every person who wants some. That's noble.

The idea was simple: let's distribute the coin everywhere and anywhere, and let the free market decide its value. If you have a Facebook account or Twitter account, you can claim your share - and they used a sliding scale where the first claimant got a ton, and the next claimant got fewer and fewer until the supply gets completely depleted (maybe in a few years?).

Latest Developments

Since they started just with tokens that were claimed on Facebook and Twitter, they have to build a "bridge" to the ERC20 version of the token - and that is coming, perhaps as early as this week.

So, even though the value is rather low per coin right now - trading on ForkDelta and RadarRelay at fractions of a penny - the possibility exists that, once the coin can be moved around even more on the markets, the value will continue to rise.

It's worth checking out, IMHO.

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