Youtubers Can Import Entire Channel Into LBRY for Additional Rewards

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If you are the owner of a medium to large sized Youtube channel, then you are missing out on some potential earnings. The decentralized digital content platform LBRY is giving out rewards to Youtube creators who import their Youtube video library into the LBRY app.

Once you've started the syncing process, LBRY will automatically import any new videos you upload to Youtube, allowing you to also earn rewards and tips for them on LBRY. Syncing your content is a fairly straightforward process, which I will explain below.

LBRY is a censorship resistant platform where you own your content, you are in control of monetization without a big corporation taking part of your hard earned revenue.


Sync to LBRY

You can sync your Youtube channel to LBRY through their Youtube Sync Page. There you can enter the name of your channel to start the syncing process and receive your rewards.

You do need to sign their terms first, which they've presented in human-readable form. There's not much you have to agree on, just that they may use your content for promotional purposes, you still own all your content.

After you've completed all necessary steps on their Youtube Sync Page, you need to download the LBRY App and enter the same e-mail address you've used to complete the sync process.

Now you can claim your rewards by going to 'Wallet' >> 'Rewards' >> 'Youtube Rewards'. These rewards are paid out in LBRY tokens, which you can exchange immediately to any other cryptocurrency via Bittrex or any other supported exchange.


As you can see in the image above, you can earn quite a bit if you have many Youtube subscribers. Keep in mind that thet price of LBRY tokens is currently only at $0.06, while a year ago it was sitting at almost $1.00. It might pay off to keep your rewards in LBRY tokens for the time being.

Benefits of Syncing to LBRY

As a content creator, you would want your content to be seen by as many people as possible. LBRY might not be too popular yet, but publishing there costs you almost no effort at all. Your newest videos on Youtube will be synced automatically and you'll be able to get tips for them. You also have the option to charge people for viewing certain videos.

In times where Youtube can instantly delete a channel because of vague community guidelines, it's definitely a good idea to have a public backup of your content. If LBRY ever becomes a popular content platform, you might be glad that you had a head start.

What Are You Waiting For?

There's still very little competition on the LBRY trending page, so I would recommend to join early. Go sync your Youtube channel and grab your free rewards!

Visit LBRY.IO/YOUTUBE to Learn More!

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My youtube channel isn't that big, but lbry still ounds pretty cool. I'll have to check it out for sure. Thanks for the heads up!


Thsoe rewards are per year, so if your Youtube channel grows a lot by the next year, you can get into the better reward tiers. I really like the LBRY app, found some pretty good content on there already. Pretty amazing considering it's all community driven.

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I just found this out recently and went through this process. Thank you for this post, I'm sure it will help many others!

thanks, now i will again set my channel. good work. i have ctrl+s for my guidance.

What to do with the LBRY? What do you think?

Upvote and followed you @daan

That is really cool. I have never been much of a Youtube user besides watching videos. I can see how this would be a really great tool to archive your library though. Thanks for sharing!

This is fantastic info - thanks for sharing @daan. I read your earlier post about LBRY and thought - maybe I'll look into that. But this update makes it seem crazy not to!
My YouTube channel is very small and niche, and it's been a bit neglected recently. But I get new subscribers every day - I think it's a growing area of interest. It will be great to have the back-up, a very small source of income - every little helps, and I get no income from YT - and a small promotional boost won't go amiss either!

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@daan, there is a problem with claiming rewards on the LBRY App. I have used it for a number of weeks. A few weeks ago I tried to claim my available rewards, but nothing happened in my wallet. I re-installed the app several times, and tried several other solutions but still nothing. So, now I no longer use it.