Fake News - Elon Musk To Quit Tesla, Jumps On a Bitcoin Tech Startup

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I spot a fake news about Elon Musk To Quit Tesla, Jumps On a Bitcoin Tech Startup. It was from a sponsored article in Facebook by Dorothy Lewis.

Screen Shot 2017-09-29 at 6.13.04 pm.jpg

What I realise that the website pretend to be official CNN Tech website with the CNN logo, but the address is cn-n-reports.com, a make up web address pretend to be CNN Tech official website. The original CNN Tech address is http://money.cnn.com/technology/

The article provide a links and ask you to join to become an instant rich http://bitcoinmillions.co/?offer_id=1660&aff_id=2966&transaction_id=1022500df7b3992dc5e8f0d97a0c39&aff_sub=9dbkaisr6a44&aff_sub2=&aff_sub3=&aff_sub4=&goal_id=2496&xparam=bitcoinmillions.co/de&entity={entity}&urfname={urfname}&urlname={urlname}&urphone={urphone}&uremail={uremail}#

Screen Shot 2017-09-29 at 6.02.33 pm.jpg

You Just Made a BIG Mistake!
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Is it a scam? Let me know what do you think.


Wow, scammy AF.... I feel sorry for anyone out there if they ever come across this and believe it. Good post, upvoted and followed!

Thanks for the info! Definitely a scam imo

Just read about this generous offer, thanks for being an affirmation of bullshit. If I knew how to up vote I would. Still getting my head around this wonderful platform

Just checked the website it's a total scam don't be fooled !! their isn't an "about us" section and no encryption during payment it's not even safe ...

Interesting, either way,, if you need to keep your crypto safe, read this: https://steemit.com/bitcoin/@johncaz/staying-safe-with-bitcoin

I've just seen the same ad on FB - this time its sponsored by Smart Home Squad. No date. Very clever marketing - creating a be in quick - the first 1000 registered for free. Using Elon Musk is a clever ploy too. Thanks for the headsup.

Elon Musk wont leave Tesla until emobility is big enough and also seriously delivered by other car manufactures. For example id Tesla will be sold today to another car manufacturer like VW, they simply massively slow down production, deliveries and development to sell cars with combustion engine as long as possible.

Is sure appears to be a scam. It has most of the markings.

This is definitely fake news. The mismatch of the CNN Tech logo vs the url was a dead giveaway.

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hahaha... funny

people now must be aware

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