Time New Bank $TNB Climbed 40% Over the Last Day

in #crypto10 months ago

Time New Bank appreciated 40% in the last day.

It is trading at 0.00000073 BTC or about 0.0672 Wax tokens.

Time New Bank is a token backed by the Miao'A International Timechain (M.I.T).

The M.I.T will use the Ethereum blockchain to build a precision time-value-based transmission network, as the whitepaper reads: We highly acknowledge the time-value of money for each individual, and that the extent of which an individual's time is valued depends on how much he/she is needed by others, i.e. the more helpful an individual is, the higher the individual is needed. M.I.T will introduce TNB (Time New Bank) digital currency aiming to establish a time-value transmission network

The TNB is an ERC-20 token that will work as the medium of exchange between time exporters and time demanders.

This coin is traded on Binance, huobikorea, HuobiPro, BigONE, Ethfinex and Bitfinex cryptocurrency exchanges.

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