[Crypto Getting Started #1] Ethereum: the World Computer | 以太坊:属于全世界的超算

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❔ Have you ever wonder what exactly is Ethereum
👉 Check out this video from Youtube Ethereum Channel which explains it in under 2 mins


(Source: Youtube Ethereum Channel | 来源:Youtube以太坊频道)

  • I've been going through the educational materials for blockchain, such as the Reddit Ethereum getting started guide and there are lots of great resources that I want to share with you all
  • I will post a few highlights here in this series, hope this can help everyone get to know more about blockchain and its technology behind the scene 🚀

  • 最近在慢慢地读以太坊的新手上路指南,发现了不少非常赞的资源
  • 我会在这个系列里慢慢和大家分享,希望可以帮助到大家更好地理解区块链和它背后的黑科技 🚀

look forward for more posting!

可以研究一下Ethereum的scalability的问题。很多人说Ethereum不scale, 所以会有Cardano 和IOTA的出现。中国版本的Ethereum叫做NEO。

赞👍 确实Ethereum目前不是很scale,最近正好在看EOS和IOTA,回头我也看看Cardano和NEO,希望接下来可以继续交流

推荐你研究下IOTA和Cardano。都是第三代crypto currency。多分享哦。