What you need to know about the launch of the LIQUID platform

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On September the 4th the LIQUID platform is finally going live. The two exchanges QUOINEX and QRYPTOS will merge into the LIQUID platform and contain the features of both exchanges and more.

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The two exchanges QUOINEX and QRYPTOS are owned and operated by the company QUOINE. QUOINEX is focused on the FIAT to cryptocurrency side, while QRYPTOS is focused on the altcoin and ICO side.

The utility token used is called QASH.

Current price per coin: $ 0,2096 USD
Current market cap: $ 73.371.339 USD
Circulating supply: 350.000.000 QASH
Total supply: QASH

Features of the LIQUID platform:

  • Trade with fiat or cryptocurrencies
  • ICO platform
  • QUOINE world book will offer enhanced price matching and more
  • Enhanced liquidity
  • Liquid token

Facts about the LIQUID launch:

  • Accounts from QRYPTOS and QUOINEX will be automatically migrated to LIQUID, using the same login data and the same 2FA.
  • All funds from QRYPTOS and QUOINEX accounts will be on the new LIQUID account
  • The utility token QASH will be rebranded as the new LIQUID token
  • The launch process will take less than 24 hours

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