The best way to secure you're coins/files!

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Hi all!

This week i got a new SSD so i wanted to install my operating system (Windows 10) on this new drive.
I plugged in the drive and installed Windows and after that i wanted to see if i got good back-ups because i never tested them :(.


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Things i use to secure my digital stuff:

  1. Password manager
    With all this online stuff and accounts an password manager is very needed. I use KeePass with a local database file on my SSD drive. I make a backup every week to a USB drive.

  2. Cloud storage
    I use Dropbox only for files that are not that important, so when they leak it is not a disaster. When you use a free cloud storage the files are not only you're files! Keep that in mind, free is not a thing is this world we are living.

  3. Back-up wallets
    I've got a lot wallets running on my Pi's but also on my Windows desktop. I keep the wallet.dat files and seed's on a different drive. I also backup them to a USB drive. I only make a new back-up when i got a new wallet. I it is very important to make back-ups from you're wallet files! Use an offline backup like a USB drive. I also buying a second drive for an back-up to store in a different place in case of a fire or some other disaster.

  4. Masternode config
    I got only 1 masternode but the config file and wallet.dat are stored on my USB drive. So i download the wallet and let it synchronize. When it is done i close the wallet and copy both files to the right folder. Open my wallet again and everything is back :)!

  5. Test you're back-ups!
    I never did a test to see if all my digital stuff is on my USB drive and if it worked. Now i did a real time test. I also got my old SSD drive so when i lost something i got this SSD to boot from and restore the files.

I also got multi factor tools on my phone. You need to back-up them too. Next week i want to do that too because from a few i don't have a backup. So when my phone dies i got a problem.

What are you using for tools? And do you have a good backup???

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