What would a Government Shutdown do to the Crypto Market?

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Government Shutdown Effect - 1:09
Coins to watch for the Shutdown - 6:13
D.Tube/ Steemit VS Youtube - 9:09
Kucoin update - 12:32

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Honest mistake in recording the video at 1:09 when talking about the DJI my information was off. I was looking at the chart in 2014 not 2013 when the government shutdown really happened I included a picture of the real chart during the 2013 shutdown. The purple box indicated the rise & fall experienced during the shutdown.
Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 11.43.00 AM.jpg


So a shutdown would be good maybe?
Im with you I like Ethereum and steem.
Nice post you did a great job.
Keep it up!

Appreciate the support! Didn't know if anyone was watching my steem/Dtube posts good to know I got one person rooting for me :) But time will tell if the market repeats similar gains going into the trump administration government shutdown.

Yes Trum is a wild card for sure you never know.
When the General of our military said get ready for war with Russia,watch out Dollar!
This might have a good impact on Digital Currency as well.
You have a nice production setup,keep believing you will do well my friend.

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