[ELI] Elicoin (CPU mining only) EXCHANGE AVAILABLE!

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[ELI] Elicoin (CPU mining only) EXCHANGE AVAILABLE!

Elicoin is a CPU mineable cryptocurrency.

It can be mined on GPU too, but CPU mining is more efficient.

Coin specifications:

Coin name: Elicoin (ELI)
Algorithm: YescryptR16 (CPU only)
Total number of coins: 10 000 000 ELI
Block time: 1 minute
Block reward halving: every 500 000 blocks
Maximum block size: 4 MB
Initial block reward: 10 ELI
Difficulty retarget: Every block (DarkGravityWave ver. 3)
Premine: none


Elicoin Core source codes
Elicoin Core for Windows
Elicoin Core for macOS
Elicoin Core for Debian / Ubuntu Linux
Elicoin Paper Wallet Generator


Crex24 - ELI / BTC
BarterDEX - Various pairs
Dogemarket Exchange - ELI / DOGE
Multicoins - MC / ELI

Please vote to get Elicoin on exchange:

Vote on Dontoshi (free votes)
Vote on Lescovex (free votes)
Vote on NEXT.exchange (free votes)
Vote on Altcoin.io (free votes)
Vote on QuantaDex (free votes)
Vote on Vicex (free votes)
Vote on SouthXchange (paid votes)
Vote on C-CEX (free and paid votes)


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