P2P relations via CryptoLoan platform

in crypto •  last month


One of the main features of CryptoLoam platform - is P2P relations between borrowers and creditors. Briefly, P2P means equal in rights🔛

Peer to Peer crediting is a way of lending between not related persons or equal parties without attraction of a financial intermediary - for example bank or other usual financial institution✔️

As a result of the automation of many services, the overhead costs of #CryptoLoan platform are reduced, and our maintenance is cheaper than the provision of services by conventional financial institutions. Consequently, borrowers can receive money at a lower interest rate, and lenders can earn higher returns🔝

With CryptoLoan platform you can get the best lending service. Stop waiting, lets try until the platform is working in a test regime and won’t charge any fees🔜

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