Not trying to FUD y'all, but.... I can't get my Z-Classic off Craptopia

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I'm super excited for the upcoming BitCoin Private airdrop scheduled for Feb 28th. It's a Z-Classic and BitCoin fork and BitCoin Private will run on top the BitCoin blockchain. The airdrop is based on how much ZCL and BTC you hodl and BTCP will be distributed at a 1:1 ratio for both coins upon the snapshot and is only distributed to individuals who own their wallet keys.

There is a whole other discussion of what happens to exchange tokens. Some like Bittrex say they will honor the airdrop, but others may, or more likely, may not support. Since the exchange is in possession of the private keys, do they claim the coins, and what do they do with them? It's a potentially huge value.

I got my ZCL on Craptopia, I mean Cryptopia because at the time it was a better exchange rate and I had some spare alts I wanted to liquidate. So I got my ZCL and sent them to my Z-Classic wallet, all fine. A few days ago, I decided to get more ZCL since good news from the BTCP conference in New York city over the weekend has me thinking the BTCP project may be even more successful than I originally thought.

Yesterday I decided to send the ZCL from Cryptopia to my ZCL Swing core wallet. As a core wallet, it has to sync the whole blockchain, and I downloaded it on my old rickety lap-top because I hate downloading stuff like that onto my sleek and speedy desk top. It took FOREEEEEEVER to sync, like a week. My computer sounds like its sprinting a marathon and will crash if I open up just one more tab in my browser every time I open the wallet.

I entered my transaction amount, address, and code, and sent it away. After a few moments of the loading spiral disk on my monitor, the screen returned an alert in big red letters telling me "THIS IS NOT A VALID ZCL ADDRESS. PLEASE ENTER A VALID ADDRESS" . Um yes it is, I checked it on the block explorer, and it's there, full balance. I'm 100% synced with 16 connections to the network. Crikey.

Initially I thought it had to do with my push-it-to-the-limit ZCL core Swing wallet, but then I realized it couldn't be. It should be able to send to any ZCL address. It had to be the exchange! Sigh, I knew this could be a long haul.

After much research on Twitter, Discord, Reddit, and finally on BITCOINTALK.ORG, I found a bunch of other people having the same issue. We have all sent help tickets to Cryptopia and are waiting for a reply. They said something lame about not syncing nodes or something, but as of now, it's not fixed.

So once again, here we are a few weeks away from a fairly major fork and airdrop for a new coin, and the exchange is the weak link. This amidst the news all last week about Binance having access issues after reopening limited registration. Too often I hear from others and witness myself, exchanges going down during peak times, and missing huge buy opportunities as transfers and trade balances only become available after the dip has passed.

I hate to promote FUD, and there is still plenty of time to get this straightened out. I like a lot of the features on Cryptopia and this is the first issue I've ever had, but if I cant get my ZCL off there soon, it's sure going to be the last! Thanks for reading, happy posting!

cryptohawk1 🦅💸💰🤑

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There are stories all over their forums of various wallets not synched properly. I ended up taking a small hit and selling my ZCL on Craptopia and withdrawing LTC to Bittrex to buy it there instead. Wish you good luck but the reason I moved was the threat of my ZCL withdrawal getting stuck for a month so i'd miss the fork, then when I did get my withdrawal ZCL would have dumped by 80%


Crap that's what I'm afraid of! Sigh, we shall see. I like your solution, and thanks for the symapthy! 😭