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It's time for a short review of one of today's most important news from the crypto-world! 🔝

👉 Korea's oldest bank is building a security system based on Blockchain

South Korea's oldest bank, Shinhan Bank, is working with two other companies to develop a Blockchain-based security solution.

According to a report published on August 14 by the local news service TheKoreaTimes, Shinhan Bank signed a memorandum of understanding with the financial technology start-up Ground X and the developer Blockchain Hexlant to develop a Blockchain-based security system. According to the report, the partners of the institution will jointly develop a private key management system for their banking services.

Ground X is a unit of Blockchain of South Korean communication giant Cocoa and is expected to provide a platform based on Blockchain. Hexlant is developing the infrastructure to make the anti-cracking program available to the platform.

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