Interactive Bubble chart with crypto currencies

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Hello steemit community. That is my first post!

I am Ulrich Stark, the admin of (screenshots below).

I released my website nearly one week ago, already got enormous feedback and more than 1000 people are now using my chart daily! 

Thanks for that. I am overwhelmed every day the numbers grow more!

But why now steemit, you may ask?

I saw that my website got posted here on steemit ( and thought that i should also register here too.

I heard of steemit before and know approximately, what it is about. That it's a reddit powered by blockchain! or am i wrong? Feel free to correct me. 

Steemit feels like every other social media page at first look. Fast and modern flat design. Nobody would think that it is powered by blockchain tech to make it special and position itself over others, because it just has this advantages of blockchain that the others dont have!

But now i am asking you for your feedback and will now officially release my website to you, the steemit community!

Features of my chart

  • visualize different market values with size, color and content of the bubbles
  • drag to move or tap to get full details
  • realtime update (just stay there and watch bubbles grow and shrink)
  • and it is just calming and beautiful to watch. Promised!
  • aaaaannnd the website is giving a total shit, whether you are viewing it on your iphone 5 or gaming desktop pc. It just looks good and reacts to every screensize

And sorry that the screenshots are a bit red, the market is playing against us today :(

So guys! What do you think of my chart?

just take a look here:

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