CryptoBasic emergency episode yesterday was about the Tether situation - seems appropriate to share it now.steemCreated with Sketch.

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Here is a link to the podcast episode that I'm referencing

I know I haven't yet posted much in the way of our actual podcast episodes on Steem yet. I wanted this to be a medium where we weren't really rehashing what was already going on for the podcast. However, yesterday we decided that enough was happening with Tether that we forced an episode out when we hadn't planned on it, just to try and get the word out and get people protected. The link to the podcast is above.

In addition to all of the information on this podcast, today Tether and Bitfinex were hit with Subpoenas from the US government (in the last few hours). I want to share this on Steem to help anyone out there possibly understand the Tether situation, and realize what can happen if/when it goes down, and why there was already serious cause for concern.

Here is a link to the Bloomberg article about the subpoena

This is a very serious situation, but it needed to be addressed. Please be careful of which exchanges you're choosing to leave your crypto on.

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