Basicly almost all altcoins are a steal right now with ETH soaring, same for steem

Well that didn't work did it lol

hahahaha... it actually dropped a lot, oh sh*t... that was my bad... hodl^^ or switch to something else, it doesn't quite matter now.... choose your destiny!

Yeah I've been in and out of dgb a few times over the last few months! It's been ok about if a pump and dump because of the price! I'm looking to get in again soon I think

*its been ok but it's a bit of a pump and dump!
That's what I was saying damn spell check

Not a bad idea... But I'm not sure what the news is on it at the moment. I picked up some for myself as I did well with it in the past. I first bought in at 0.00000654 BTC and took profits out at 0.00002290 BTC.

it looks like it's going to do a rounded bottom formation. Bullish sign but lets see in the next few days :)

Im holding some from the past hope it comes back around

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