Cryptolife is HARD! If you have the passion/love & time, then NIKE! Otherwise... don't bother (you will lose) Prepare for Pendulum Swing!

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>>>>> IGNORE TA IN THIS POST!! <<<<<

>>>>> IT WAS ALMOST 12 MONTHS AGO! <<<<<

I'M aware I've addressed this topic in the past; I'm not discouraging people from crypto... why would I do that when I have so much stake in it? I'm discouraging people from underestimating how difficult it is... #stressallday #marketselloffs

With that being said; I have had a lot on my plate lately; will add another post later today. Been upvoting on great content thanks to smartsteem delegating some of my votes. They pick 10 I pick 10 it's a great way to divide up your daily upvotes if you're not as active 24/7 on Steemit... or if you're like me (who could post daily) but chooses to post good content; at the very least content I put time & effort into, content that I believe deserves to be shared.

But I digress. #BTCUSD has been bullish (unless you've been asleep the past week) I'm pointing out the obvious just in case you don't remember or you've been pre-occupied and haven't noticed...

However, pay attention to #RSI; we're overbought & market fatigue showing signs of substantially reduced #volume (up to 50% in some cases) yet price action still moving sideways as the whales attempt to short & cash out yet the power of the people (the minnows) are holding it steady...

I've seen this happen more than once this past week... hell more than once this past day haha. This is why I trade exclusively with the crypto; always have & will only trade in coins/tokens as opposed to stocks.

Without Goldman Sachs, AIG, JPMorgan, Citigroup, the big 4 basically ($700 billion of YOUR taxpayer dollars went to billionaires in case you don't remember) to bail them out of a mortgage crisis that they caused out of greed.

As we transition to Q3 now starting October; we see how well Wall St. is doing & we are therefore comfortable; unconcerned, not worried. You should be though. CNNMoney & FOXBUSINESS both discussed the other day (in detail) how if we had another recession comparable to that of 2008; the Fed cannot afford another bailout package and the people will simply deny it.

They won't allow it for a second...would you?

And can you blame them/us? So what does that mean for crypto... surprisingly, great news! So as long as people lose faith in our banking infrastructure & no longer trust or invest in the stock market; it could send wall st. into a death spiral leading to a great recession which will mean one thing only:

People are going to look for an alternate source of digital currency/banking; they will turn to crypto because it's decentralized & blockchain is very appealing to someone who does not trust banks. I trust that my readers are smart enough to know why & I don't have to waste time explaining blockchain 101 now...

On that note; I made an early entry on #BCH at about $515.50 3.66 shares purchased so I will probably pull out at T2 but would love to short at $637.50; just don't know if I'm confident enough that the market will hold up that long. I hope so. I really wish I"m wrong in that case.


  • T1 $541.80
  • T2 $550
  • T3 $615.10 -> short @ $637.50
  • LONG—>$830 , $841
  • 🛑stop-loss @ $515.80

#BCH #BCHUSD #SundayFunday #makinmoneymoves #moneybag 💰#XLM #XLMUSD #OmiseGO #OMGUSD (Looking SOLID right now. Great moment for a substantial entry point for #Omisego as well as #XLMBTC / #XLMUSD.


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