HELP! I transferred 0.3 Bitcoin to the wrong address

in crypto •  2 years ago 

Hey Guys,

So I wanted to transfer 0.3 tokens to my address. I went to my wallet and followed the instructions. Under the Address name I entered cryptoninja (me) and proceeded with the exchange.

The transaction went through to this person:

I have no idea who this person is! Can someone help me make contact so I can get my BTC back.

Thanks Guys!


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I think thats there is no way back...
but i'm also an newbie so lets see what does the veterean have to say about it.

oh no, ps this is the page. I have no idea what steemd is:

If the transaction haven't been confirmed yet, I believe there is a way to cancel it.
Google up on cancelling bitcoin transactions.

Hey there !
Was away for some time - Will send your SBD back to you.
Only issue here : How did this happen in the first place ?

And BTW : Welcome to Steemit !

thank you so much you are a genuine legend!

Wow ! I was hopping so much you would show back on Steem !
Great to see you back here :)