To buy, or not to buy...THAT is the ?

in crypto •  2 years ago

With my recent trade of Bitcoin to Silver, right at the peak, I'm sitting here with quivering hands debating on whether or not to make a purchase of some more Cryptocurrency while prices are being "hammered". I mean, that would make the most sense, wouldn't it? Considering the whole "buy low sell high" strategy.
We ALL know that this price dip is just a small bump in the LONG road ahead of the cryptospace future, and that prices will rebound...
but do we wait it out a bit more? At least until the hardfork coming up soon? Decisions, desicions....
My gut says purchase...but my wallet says "HOLD THA FUK UP!"

What are some of my steemians doing? Buying? Selling? Trading or holding? Leave a comment with some of your decisions, or rather, indecisions. It's always better when you know you're not alone...
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Honestly if your wallet can afford it now is it the time to buy!

XRP was on an upwards trend before this mini crisis(not even a crisis) so that would be a smart investment for the bounce.

My first picks however would have to be siacoin and bitshares.

Siacoin simply because the technology is amazing and it is cheap right now. Try and buy in the 520-530 range. Great for a long hold.

And for the next few days bitshares is a good bet. Until next Tuesday at least when it goes live on another large Chinese market, cant remember which off hand. The Chinese are eating up Bitshares right now


Haha, I already own LOTS of Siacoin. Going to keep buying. Thanks for that though. Makes me feel better that I own it now. You're right, though. Siacoin has some great tech. Hopefully, it takes over Amazons service. That would be NICE!! Bitshares has been on my radar as of late, too. Thanks for commenting! I like to hear about what others are thinking/doing.


Lucky you. I am quite new to the cryptocurrency scene so my portfolio is quite small. But it is my every intention to turn this into a full time job. With a bit of research and price familiarity it is quite easy to follow the hype train and increase your portfolio.

The two mistakes I made starting out - Fear of missing out (FOMO) and panic selling when iv missed my out. The markets are volatile but the big 10 bounce back strong.

Making a mistake once is learning, twice is denial and three times is madness.

I don't do denial ^^


You'll get thr hang of it. Just make sure you pay attention to the addresses when sending and receiving and youll b fine. I got lucky and got in somewhat at the bottom, so im not too worried about the price drops and panic selling. Just hold and wait for the bounceback.