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SAY WHAT????? Are we about to get another "FIX" of some Crypto profits? WELL , it looks to be that way... so far. Litecoin has EXPLODED like a zit on a teenagers face! Personally, from what I've gathered, It seems like BC and ETH are slowly crawling their way back to their record levels from just a week ago. Albeit, VERY SLOWLY. But we all know the old tale of the tortoise and the hare..."slow and steady wins the race".

With all the news and changes coming up in Bitcoin, it seems to be that people are treading carefully until they get some solid evidence on where this whole thing may be going. Until then, Litecoin has been the beneficiary of the peoples doubt. With the SegWit activation already being baked into the cake,

as well as the currency standing strong during this recent hurricane of a take-down in BC and ETH, Litecoin has had everyone doing a double-take. But not everyone was caught "flatfooted". There were several calls on this recent move upwards. YouTube can attest to this, of course. And those...shall we say... "Savants"? have been profiting VERY nicely.

The MAIN question now is, Is it time to get in and get some profits going? I personally think so, but that's just me. Go with your gut. Playing catch-up at $48 is better than doing so at $280, like A LOT of investors did with ETH. With Charlie Lee leaving Coinbase and talk of the 'Lightning Network' making its way to LC (shortly?) we can surely bet on at least ONE thing...the fireworks aren't over just yet.

"Keep your heads on a swivel" and your phones close to you at all times. Things are moving so rapidly now that I doubt anyone would want to miss out on ANY of the recent opportunities to strike "digital gold".

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Litecoin has a lot going for it..


I watched it for a while, but I didn't put much thought or research into it since it's been around for so long without any action. I was so caught up in BC and ETH that it really just slid off my "buy list".


Its like an advanced version of bitcoin. I also like that it has been included on Coinbase along with Bitcoin and Eth. I am along for the ride, who knows where it goes.


The day I saw it uploaded onto Coinbase I almost dropped 1k on it, but with ETH skyrocketing, I just HAD TO put my money on that. Now with ETH acting a lil sluggish, LC is my next target. Gotta keep making those monies!!!

Thanks for the comment and upvote. Followed you.

Aa a Litecoin holder I was pleasently surprised to wake up to this!



I bought six a few weeks back. Just as a speculative buy.