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There is a lot of exciting news recently for Nash and time for a little update.

You can start your own business and accept crypto as a payment with Nashlink:nashlink.JPG

Your customers send crypto, you receive cash. We handle the blockchain for free.

We guarantee the fiat price you’ve specified. If you’re selling an item for €15, we’ll accept crypto from your customers and pay you out in fiat for the full €15.

Nash also started Season 1 of their trading competition in December and will soon unlock level 2 of the prize pool.

There is also a new Nash affiliate program. You can invite friends with your referral link and start earning up to 25% commission! As you can see, you can earn more commission than on every other centralized platform like Binance, Kraken and Kucoin!comission.JPG
I would be happy, if you are using my affiliate-link and start trading on day - 138,72$! When your promoted friend has a good trading volume, you can earn a nice passive money with the Nash affiliate link. 2nd and also important: Your money is safe in your own wallet and not resting on a centralized exchange!

The Nash Exchange token (NEX) is now available on Ethereum. NEX was originally a NEO-based token, but Nash has created a bridge between the Ethereum and NEO chains so NEX holders can swap their tokens from one chain to the other.

That´s it for today!

Wish you a happy new 2021, successful trading and starting an own, new business...maybe with Nashlink!

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