Crypto trading day 5 - the long winter in crypto

in crypto •  6 months ago

Well hello everyone. Chris here and yes it's been very quiet around me and trading because the markets have been very flat and life threw a few more interesting bits my way. So only up until today didn't I trade.

But now I jumped into POLY and SC as future investment. I had a chance to see how Polymath works during WBF London and this is for sure an amazing project. SC also, alongside the guys from IPFS has an incredible offering and I actively participate in SC and provide some of my storage for good use.

Entrypoints were a bit of the high note but I intend to hodl for some time so don't care too much if I jumped on at the exact right time or not. So far my entry was OK.

Oh yes, I sold most of my NAV at a good price and will focus on only the coins I'm hodling right now.

Will report in the next few weeks.

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