what are three possible uses of cannabiz token?

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As I’m Sure Most will realize - Canada has just officially legalized Cannabis.

As such - this opens up a whole new industry.

I believe that one of the catalysts for the expansion of this industry is cannabiz token.

What is Cannabiz token?

Cannabiz token is a crypto currency that was recently launched to expand the cannabis industry and money that can be made in that industry.

So what are some of the possible uses of cannabiz token?

Here are some ideas that I have about how cannabiz token can be used.



Being a token that is to be used soeley for cannabis purposes, it makes sense that cannabiz token would be used as a payment method for cannabis and for cannabis merchandise.

Since there is a lot of money going into the cannabis industry - putting that money into cannabiz could create a token of much value in deed.

After all - a currencies worth is based mostly on peoples faith in it.

If cannabiz token was to be used as a primary method of distributing cannabis - even if only for online orders - this token would grow in value in a huge way.


Cannabis Smart media token.

Furthermore, being a currency based soely on cannabis, this currency could be used as a smart media token if ever a social media enterpriise started up tto be based soley on cannabis.

Such a social media network could present content on all things cannabis, promote cannabis thropugh digital media such as funny videos and jokes, and sell cannabis merchandise.


Profit sharing.

Another interesting premise is profit sharing.

Could Cannabiz token be used for profit sharing?

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