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Remember when World of Warcraft was in its heyday. They had 9 million subscribers and their own “money” system within the game. That was the whole reason I bought Activision/Blizzard stock. What if that “gold” in WoW was actually worth something in the cryptoverse? What about Fortnight, Black Opps, Halo, Elder Scrolls or Destiny. All of them have their own “economies” in their respective games.

You know how gamers would love to get paid for their gaming prowess and knowledge. There are some who get paid already from tournaments and whatnot, but to get paid directly from the game you love to play, using a block chain would be FANTASTIC!

I think it will happen sooner or later.



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have you ever heard of MANA? or DECENTRALAND??? D.C.L. is a V.R. world and you buy land and build stuff using MANA. MANA is an actual real cryptocurrency that has been doing decently recently. also the Whimsical Wars (fun and nifty game on mobile) company , GMO, is adapting bitcoin rewards to their game starting in august. we are so close. out of the big 3 (PlayStation, Nintendo, Xbox) I believe the first platform to using and accepting crypto will probably be none of them and Steam will earn that honor because they are 100% online anyways. it makes sense. and I think we are definitely getting to that point and I feel W.o.W. will probably make a huge comeback. or the new fallout 76 perhaps?

I hadn’t heard of Dentraland at all. I will look into it. I agree and think we are very close. Gamers will usher in the new era, because there are soooo many of us and crave independence when we play.

we won the long forgotten war of "hd dvd vs bluray dvd" and the ps3 owners turned that tide. I remember distinctly game informer making that claim that gamers would win it for bluray. they were totally right. people underestimate the gaming market and don't see how its changed things in everyday life.

Yep and another change is coming. The change from consoles that use dvd to cloud consoles that just stream. I love the nvidia Shield. It’s fast and intuitive and easy. My wife can even use it. Lol Gaming is going to be ridiculous in 10 years with crypto, vr and cloud consoles!

im wondering if V.R. vs. A.R. will be a repeat of hd vs bluray. cause they both have super competitive edges and are essentially for different types of players. but will one win out over the other. if pokemon and yugioh could creat real A.R. type battles and stuff would be epic. but v.r. wins out for those SAO and .hack//sign type fantasies.