We are pleased to announce that 'CDEX' token is now trading live on STEX !


#CodexonAlthash is a software company that specializes in creation of blockchain applications, programming, services (SaaS), and telegram bot creation. The company was created in response to a growing community on #Althash where developers needed an ecosystem to interact and communicate in. An immediate success in the initiation of Codex on Althash was the creation of the @CodexWalletBot on Telegram. This allowed users in the Althash ecosystem to easily communicate with each other while simultaneously sending and receiving #HTMLCoin and tokens. Codex on Althash also strives to decentralize HTMLCoin ecosystem by reaching a level of maximal decentralization throughout a robust network of nodes and an assortment of global applications.

In a committed effort, Codex on Althash is attempting to bring mass adoption to HTMLCoin as well as tokens on the ecosystem. To progress this effort, the company focuses on high-level utility tokens and applicatory advancements. The company avoids a speculative approach to contract creation at all costs.

The #Codex Team contains members from the HTMLCoin community, as well as a few founding members of #HTMLBunker. The team is continuously looking for additional members that have extensive knowledge in programming and development in the crypto industry. Codex strives to make their community a warehouse for knowledgeable programmers and ‘AltHash enthusiasts’.

TRADE NOW: https://app.stex.com/en/basic-trade/pair/ETH/CDEX/1D

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