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As stated before, we plan to finish distribution of the Crypto Mark until the end of next year.

So far, we have distributed a little less than 2m Crypto Marks. With 15% remaining with the developers, we will in total distribute roughy 68m Crypto Mark over the next year. This will be done by three different portions:

Regular weekly distribution
A regular weekly round, which will require users to do a small contribution every day.
Also, there will be a referall system: If you bring a new user you will get an additional 35% of their Crypto Mark on top. For the people they invite there will be an additional 15%. So in total, an invited users will generate 150%.

Please note that the referral system will not work with a referral link. This is by intention as we want to speak people with their friends and explain them what the Crypto Mark is instead of sending out a mass mailing. We will have a section where users can introduce themselves briefly and they should also explain who referred them to Crypto Mark. Like that it is also highly transparent that users get additional rewards for referrals. Users that have referred somebody to Crypto Mark and want to benefit from this will be asked to fill in some data in a form which makes it easier for us to work with the data.

The distribution amount for every week is fixed, so the total amount will be shared by all users that qualify for the week.

This will ensure that there is a strong incentive to be active everyday and to invite other users.

The total amount per week will start at roughly 50.000 Crypto Mark and will increase to roughly 1.3m Crypto Mark in week 52. However, due to user growth the amount per user should decrease over time. Overall, 28m Crypto Mark will be paid out.

Interest payments
Additionally, will be an interest payment every week. Interest is however only paid out on Crypto Mark which are in a vesting account. Generally, we will pay out every Crypto Mark to this vesting account, but you can at any time require a pay out. This gives as strong incentive to keep your Crypto Mark and not to trade them immediately.

Interest will start at 25,000 Crypto Mark per week and will increase to 654,000 Crypto Mark per week. The interest will be distributed relative to the amount a user holds in a vesting account to the total amount in the vesting account. Overall, 14m Crypto Mark will be paid for interest.

Dedicated amounts for special tasks and support
The third part will be used to pay for special events, tasks, job etc. Also, we intend to pay people for their support roles such as moderators, ambassadors etc. The total amount for this is roughly 28m Crypto Mark.

What do you think about this strategy? Any remarks, suggestions or advice? Please et us know.

Merry Christmas to all of you,

the Crypto Mark team


Sound great. Go ahead - let's make the Mark great again!

Thank you very much for your support!

Something to look forward in the coming new year!!!

Thank you for your support!

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