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Merry Christmas to all of you!

Hopefully, you are all having a peaceful evening with lots of presents.
We are grateful to have such a great community and wish you and your families all the best.

We want to make you a present as well today - we will double the amount you have collected so far during the advent calendar event.

All we ask for today is to post a picture of your Christmas tree or something else, which is showing that you are in a Christmas mood our forum. Please take a real picture, not a downloaded pic from the internet. We want to learn a bit what mens Christmas for you.

To those of you who do not celebrate Christmas (or not yet) post something else that shows you are in a festive mood.

There is no need to hurry up - we will keep this open for 2-3 days.

Right after Christmas we will pay out your collected Crypto Mark - and start with our new round of events. We will now have weekly events. Details will follow.

Merry Christmas!



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I enjoyed my journey in the Advent Calendar! Merry Christmas Crypto Mark!!!

Adventure calendar of Crypto Mark is one of the BEST activity series I joined. last 20 days were intense. I didn't know about the calendar event on first 3 days, but when I got to know it I tried my best to participate all the events I could.

Some of them were challenging, some were totally fun. My personal best achievement was finishing at 3rd on "The 2nd Riddle"

Thank you for organizing such a wonderful event series Admin, Privilege to be a part of that.

Wish you and your family Happy holidays too!!

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