An Evolving Currency For An Evolving Society

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This is the fastest miner for Windows. Thank you I'll save up a coin.

This is the fastest
Miner for Windows. Thank you
I'll save up a coin.

                 - schitzer

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

what value do you have? K/H ???

Excellent CPU miner, I could not find it for a long time. Thank you!

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Good information! Very quickly mined. I'll make 1000 in a month and wait a couple of years. Thank you!

Good information +++++

Thank you!
Miner works very quickly. Thank you for your work.

I agree with the author, @cheysanta!

A great coin. I think it's promising.

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Already testing - the earnings of a new coin began!

much good heard about this coin. But I did not know how to assemble the miner. Thank you for your efforts!

Very promising for a long time!

now everything is for a long time. But then it will be very profitable!

big money that's how it is earned!

I completely agree. We must collect coins and wait.

I recommend to everyone!

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