Introducing Qiibee Loyality Program

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Hey steemers!!!

Today iam going to introduce you about Qiibee Loyality Program

Loyality programs are gaining popularity this days. Every one atleast have or is comnected to one loyality. Mostly loyality differs according to brands or appln. Customers wish every one has same loyality or it atleast comes under one roof where they can exchange it or can redeem it easily..

To solve the above problem the new program is launced on blockchain called "QIIBEE"

What is"QIIBEE"

Qiibee is Decentralized, blockchain based loyality program which will combine all royality application under one platform which can be easily tokenized.

One can save all his earned different loyality tokens in Wallet.
Customers can also exchange the tokens with each other to get freedom of choice. This will incentivize them and more active on each account and can redeem more rewards.

It will beneficial to customers to get
#saving costs
#more data security
#removal of liability connected with unredeemed points
#Real value
#usability of all rewards
#one wallet
#exchange of tokens with each other

There vision is to connect highly fragmented loyality market. Increase efficiency, no central data authorities, combining all loyality rewards under one platform & one wallet with assured security.


Token saleinfo

For more info you can get from below:
White paper:

This was my entry for contest by @originalworks. You can join contest here

Note: image source and info is taken from qiibee site


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